Friday, March 05, 2010

Wow, that takes me back

I was outside just now with the pooch and grabbed a piece of frozen snow from the yard (what little there is left) and threw it down the yard because he likes to chase them. Funny what things will trigger memories you haven't had in forever. All of a sudden I'm looking at the fact most of the snow is gone from the backyard and I remember how much I looked forward to this time of year when I was a boy, right up through high school age frankly. I'd already have my glove out looking to play baseball, even if there was no one else around.
I could always throw a tennis ball on the roof of the house and catch pop flies or throw a ball as high and straight up as possible and practice catching pop-ups. Then there was always this old wooden bat I had that was perfect for hitting rocks. Nothing's better for hand and eye coordination than flipping a rock straight up and timing your swing perfectly on its descent to line it to right center field. Oh yeah, I could always drag little brother out and hit line drives off his forehead.
I don't get as wound up about this time of year as I used to but I still look forward to spring and the sound of the first thwacks of the bat. Wanna get your glove and come play catch?