Saturday, September 30, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 5

Still 6 games above .500. The picks rallied late last week after staring 0-4.

1. Vanderbilt (+9) at (21) Florida - Not sold on the Gators after escaping Kentucky and the Commodores are better than what they showed against Alabama last week.

Vanderbilt 24, Florida 27
Actual Score: Vanderbilt 24, Florida 38

Friday, September 22, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 4

6 Games above .500 for the first 3 weeks is making me feel good.

1. (1) Alabama vs Vanderbilt (+18) - There isn't an upset here. But I believe that the Vandy defense can keep it closer than many people think.

Alabama 27, Vanderbilt 16
Actual Score: Alabama 59, Vanderbilt 0

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Weasel has Gone

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan passed away today at age 73 from cancer. Most people consider him the best manager of all time for professional wrestling. He fought the disease for a long while. I got to shake the man's hand back in 80's after attending a wrestling show. Thank You for all the enjoyment you brought to me watching pro wrestling and the humor you brought with it. You will be missed, weasel.

Here are just a couple of The Brain's quotes from the past.

Last time I saw Tugboat... Typhoon... Buffoon, whatever he is, run that fast is when they opened up a lunch line at the free buffet

He hit him so hard he knocked three zits off his cheek!

"A friend in need is a pest."

"You know they say money can't buy happiness. Give me 50 bucks and watch me smile"

"Its the women in Cleveland, they all look like the Undertaker"

The Fight For LA(st)

I'm currently camping out on Twitter to see how bad the attendance is for today's Dolphins - Chargers game at StubHub Center. During the preseason, a stadium that holds roughly 27,000 for soccer was literally half full at best. I heard that a lot of tickets were on sale on the secondary market as of yesterday, so there's a chance this could be a very embarrassing day for the NFL when it's time for kickoff. The Fight For LA is literally a fight for who gives a damn... even the Rams aren't packing them in at the ol' Mausoleum near the USC campus.

It doesn't matter if the Chargers manage to get more than 15,000 warm bodies sitting in the stands today. This flyover before the game will probably get more press locally later tonight.

Friday, September 15, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs. The Spread - Week 3

A 3-7 week showed me that I just can't go with the big spreads for the favorites.

Week 3 Games:

1. (19) Stanford at San Diego State (+8.5) - The Aztecs have looked good so far. Stepping up in weight class, I think that they will keep it close.

Stanford 28, San Diego State 24
Actual Score: Stanford 17, San Diego State 20

Friday, September 08, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs. The Spread - Week 2

Week 1 was OK. A 7-2-1 week would have made me money. Let's see if I can continue the good picks.

1. (11) Oklahoma State (-29) at South Alabama - It is unusual that a program like Oklahoma State would go into South Alabama. I don't expect that the Cowboys will have problems with going on the road here.

Oklahoma State 62, South Alabama 14
Actual Score: Oklahoma State 44, South Alabama 7

Saturday, September 02, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs. the Spread - Week 1

I didn't do this last year and I rocked the picks. The blog has been a little thin, so I decided to take the initiative and start doing the picks for college football again. So let's see if I can do better than I have before on the blog.


1. UTEP at (7) Oklahoma (-43) - Bob Stoops is no longer the head coach at Oklahoma. Means that the program has something to prove. Don't see the Miners scoring more than 10 points while the Sooners look like the Sooners of yesteryear.

UTEP 7, Oklahoma 66
Actual Score: UTEP 7, Oklahoma 56

2. (11) Michigan (-3.5) vs. (17) Florida - If Alabama vs. FSU wasn't this weekend, this would be the marquee game. I would have picked Michigan to win even without multiple Gator starters suspended for their roles in the Student store fraud scandal. Jim Harbaugh has the Wolverines looking good.

Michigan 27, Florida 20
Actual Score: Michigan 33, Florida 17

3. Western Michigan at (4) USC (-27.5) - Another one of the opening game creampuffs that major programs like to schedule. Watch USC score 50 and roll over the Broncos which get a payday.

Western Michigan 14, USC 55
Actual Score: Western Michigan 31, USC 49

4. Appalachian State (+14) at (15) Georgia - Classic game where I believe that the Bulldogs are looking at next week's game against Notre Dame and not taking App St. as seriously as they should. Georgia will win, but not by the margin they should.

App St. 24, Georgia 34
Actual Score: App St. 10, Georgia 31

5. Georgia Southern at (12) Auburn (-34) - Georgia Southern is not going to like this trip to Auburn. I think that the Tigers are the biggest threat to Alabama this season. Auburn shows why in this game.

Georgia Southern 10, Auburn 52
Actual Score: Georgia Southern 7, Auburn 41

6. (16) Louisville at Purdue (+26.5) - There is no upset here, but with the Boilermakers bringing back the Big 10 passing leader from last year in David Blough, I expect the game to be closer than what many think.

Louisville 45, Purdue 31
Actual Score: Louisville 35, Purdue 28

7. (3) Florida State vs. (1) Alabama (-7) - Even though I believe that both of these teams could be good enough to make the playoffs, you don't pick against Nick Saban in the regular season and a big game.

Florida State 21, Alabama 34
Actual Score: Florida State 7, Alabama 24

8. BYU at (13) LSU (-14.5) - LSU is the better team, but BYU already had their first game which helps. Give me the Tigers just squeaking by on the point spread.

BYU 20, LSU 35
Actual Score: BYU 0, LSU 27

9. (22) West Virginia at (21) Virginia Tech (-4) - Both teams have new starting QB's and both believe that they can win their respective leagues. Let's go with the home team and the fact that there is something about Dana Holgorsen that I don't trust in pressure games.

West Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 31
Actual Score: West Virginia 24, Virginia Tech 31

10. (25) Tennessee at Georgia Tech (+3) - I fully expect the Yellow Jackets to beat the Volunteers outright. I think that Butch Jones has the foundation of the Tennessee program build on sand, not concrete.

Tennessee 21, Georgia Tech 31
Actual Score: Tennessee 42, Georgia Tech 41 2OT

Week 1 Record: 7-2-1
Overall Record: 7-2-1