Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 5

After 5 weeks, college football is starting to look like it is going to be a wild ride to qualify for the 1st playoff held to determine a national champion. Teams are making wild comebacks and holding on by the skin of their teeth (looking at you Florida State). Each and every contender has a flaw that can be exploited. The next two months will be crazy as everybody tries to come out on top.

If you look at the 5 power conferences, there are 6 teams that have losing records after this weekend. Vanderbilt, Michigan, Wake Forest, Iowa State, Washington State, and Colorado. The SEC East looks like it is a disaster after South Carolina lost to Missouri. The Pac-12 doesn't look powerful and the ACC outside of Florida State might not have a true Top 25 team.

And finally, I hit .500 for the week. Each and every week, I have improved my win total. Now that needs to continue to happen so I can bring up my 37% winning percentage for the year. It is starting to look like my underdog picks might be the strongest subsection of my picks yet again.

Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks - Week 5

We are getting closer each and every week to having a winning week. This has to be the week that I break through. I am not loving the underdogs this weekend. As a matter of fact, I don't believe that any of the Top 10 teams playing this week are in serious danger of losing their game.

This is the bad time for college football. It is starting major conference play and the big conferences hate to have their top teams playing each other right now. Can you imagine Alabama and Auburn playing in Week 5 of the season? In just a few weeks, the heavyweights of each conference start knocking heads with each other. This week is just an appetizer for those games.

The Buccaneers will roll on Sunday

There will be no celebrating in Pittsburgh on Sunday. The overrated Steelers will fall to the Buccaneers. The Rusted Curtain will fall once again! I challenge anyone to a blog challenge on this game.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 4

Another week, another losing week. I picked 3 out of 7 games correctly using the point spread.  A 42.9% Win percentage for this week. That is disappointing to me. I just shows that if you don't spend hours upon hours of studying each team and conference, that playing the betting game might not be for you. It clearly isn't for me. I would have lost lots of money this past month.

Conference Thoughts:
ACC - Florida State is the only hope for this conference to make the playoff. If they are losing to the Big 10 and East Carolina, the conference isn't strong at all.
Big 10 - Wisconsin and Michigan State still have a chance. Michigan is a terrible mess.
Big 12 - It is Oklahoma and the weak sisters. Maybe Texas should have went to the PAC-12.
PAC 12 - If the conference is a clear #2, as for being the toughest, it says that college football is weak.
SEC - The toughest conference. However, the East is weak. It is the West that might determine if they are a clear favorite in the playoff.

Who was the better team?

This is an unexpected tone for this blog post.  RJ was even more certain than I that his Raiders stood no chance against my Patriots today.  So I agreed to the rare point spread blog challenge.  I can tell you that even if we didn't agree to the point spread, I'd still feel the need to post as the loser of our bet.
Given the level of expectations and talent, the Vegas spread of 14 points should have easily been overcome by the Patriots.  Well honestly, the Raiders played up to and above their talent level, and the Patriots did not.  The Patriots were luck to survive this game as the winner, say nothing about covering the spread.
I really have nothing positive to say about my Patriots and unfortunately this is becoming a theme of reality...they're not as good as anyone expected.  On a brighter note, I bought a new bottle of Macallan 12 year old single malt and enjoyed it with Blair.  This was the most enjoyable part of my early Saturday afternoon.
Hail to the Raiders.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 College Football Odds Picks - Week 4

Close this week, but not winning
Football is under siege on the pro level. It seems that people have finally said enough is enough when forgiving bad conduct by players when involves violence against their families. It is about time. And on the college level, it seems like Florida State is getting tires of the Infamous Jameis character. They have suspended the Heisman Trophy winner a half for shouting a vulgarity in the college cafeteria. What is this world coming to? Expecting athletes to act civil. The world is upside down right now.

This is the week I get over 50%. It has to be. Each and every week, I have improved on my winning percentage. There isn't much improvement that I can make and still get over half of my picks wrong. So, here we go.

2014 College Football Spread Picks Results - Week 3

Week 3 is done and I keep on improving on my winning percentage. If you ranked my winning percentage on NFL teams, I would be ahead of the Raiders and behind the Chargers. (Percentage based upon the past 5 years, sort of). I did win the game outside of the Top 10 ranked teams that I picked last week (Oh how I know those Hawkeyes).

Outside The Top 10 - Big, Bad Louisville was supposed to roll in the ACC. They fall at Virginia. East Carolina is a good little team. They showed that in Blacksburg. And finally, let's stop the talk of BYU running the table and if they might get into the playoff until the end of October, please. They still have almost 10 games left to play.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Found On Twitter: Supporting Your Favorite Player

And I thought the women wearing Ray Rice jerseys earlier this week were the crazy ones…

Repurposing Baltimore Ravens Jerseys

One family came up with a way to still wear the #27 Jerseys of the Baltimore Ravens. Maybe a little bit hokey, but I do believe it does wear well.

This came from the Baltimore Sun twitter page. It is a way to get small kids to keep their jerseys and do a little craft project with them. And it might allow you to talk to them about current events.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Posted on Twitter: Keeping Promises

This morning, I bought a Leafs key chain and hair scrunchie. I still need to pick up a t-shirt and hat for the upcoming season. I might even pick up NHL ‘15, too.

These could have been Raiders products, but the NFL blew it.