Monday, February 24, 2014

Guess Who’s On Twitter?

@DaleJr is late to the Twitter party, but it’s better to be late than never when he posts cool selfies like this one the day after his second Daytona 500 victory.


Well here we are at the start of another NASCAR season with the Daytona 500, the race that everyone knows about, like the Indy 500 this race is one of the granddaddy races that all the drivers want to win, and they all have an honest chance to win. Through rain and wrecks this was Daytona's longest day,and it was a drought Dale Earnhardt Jr. was determined to end. NASCAR's most popular driver won the Daytona 500 on Sunday night for the second time, ten years after his first victory. And with this he snapped a 55 race losing streak dating back to 2012. It also ended the frustation of coming 2nd in three of the last four Daytona races. After he crossed the finish line the fans who withstood the 6 hour 22 minute red flag delay were screaming their support. Dale Jr. dominated at the track where his father died on the last lap of the 2001 race. He led six times for a race high 54 laps, all after the rain delay and seemed to have it under control until things got chaotic near the end. There were 42 lead changes and four multi car accidents as the field closed in on the checkered flag. Denny Hamlin was second in a Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota, Brad Keselowski was third in a Team Penske Ford. Jimmie Johnson who beat out Jr. in last years race commented how "He's been knocking on the door of the 500 for a lot of years. He got it done tonight, he did an awesome job". Well folks,on to Phoenix next week, and coming up in the next weeks is my personal fave, DEGA BABY. Enjoy the season.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

We Have A Winner?

Oh. My. God. I know one time Fox News once reported a story from The Onion as fact, but I think this tops that on hilarity alone.

While you’re at it, go follow @scottspeed on Twitter. He’s a hoot!

Long Overdue

Today marks the first time in thirteen years we’ll see a black #3 car on a NASCAR track. If we were having this conversation a few years ago, I would have been very upset if had happened then. It’s a different time now. The car belongs on the track, and probably should have returned several years ago.

Back in the day, I was a huge Dale Earnhardt fan. I owned a couple of his GM Goodwrench hats. I watched every NASCAR race on the schedule. I participated in several online racing leagues and won championships the way he did – with a cinder block on my shoulder and nothing to lose in the final laps.

You can imagine how devastated I was when Dale died and the #3 car disappeared from the track. I always held out hope another ornery, aggressive driver would step in and return the car to glory. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was an obvious choice for his lineage. Tony Stewart, my favorite driver since Dale passed away, would have been a perfect fit. But as time passed, it was obvious neither of them would ever drive the #3 car for Richard Childress Racing full-time.

Now we have Austin Dillon doing what I had hoped Jr. and Stewart would have done. How do I feel about this? The more I think about it, I really like it. Austin is Richard’s grandson, has only driven the #3 in his short career, and already has championships in the Camping World Truck Series and the Nationwide Series to his credit. It also helps that, like Earnhardt and Stewart, Dillon won’t take crap from anyone on the track.

For us longtime Earnhardt fans, we have to keep this in perspective. Before Sr. drove the car, drivers like Buck Baker, Buddy Baker, Ricky Rudd and Junior Johnson won races while driving the #3. It’s not like that number belongs to Dale. It belongs to NASCAR – and back on the track.

While I’ll be rooting for Stewart to win the Daytona 500, I wouldn’t mind seeing the #3 car run up front or end up in Victory Lane today.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I know somebody who's gonna love this!!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Winner Gets Beer, Loser Gets Bieber

Team USA must win against Team Canada today or else the LAPD will have this headache on their hands for eternity.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Michael Sam, the NFL, Tim Tebow

I'm a little confused about this question about sexuality and religion in sports.  My comments below may sound disjointed and somewhat unrelated, but let me get them out and perhaps our subsequent discussion will make my thoughts clearer.
First, let me tell a quick story about a friend that I hope puts my perspective on homosexuality in context.  I grew up in Washington, DC--a very liberal and cosmopolitan town.  One of my best friends in high school was this Adonis-looking dude who had these freaky blue eyes that compelled women to throw "coochie" at him like Frisbees!  I left for college and in the summer, I came home and sought him out (with our gang) to hang out.  His mom told me that "Steven" didn't live there anymore, and that he now lived in the Dupont Circle area (where I grew up).  I had never heard his parents call him "Steven," he was always "Steve."  We went to the address and this tall, lanky, flaming gay guy said he wasn't home, but at a party up the street.  It was noon'ish on a summer Saturday, so we didn't know what that meant.  We left and planned to catch up with him later.  As we walked, we heard loud music, so we followed it to a raging block party where there were hundreds of people dancing in the streets, eating, drinking, and just having a great time.  We "snuck" in, snagged some eats and a few beers and tried to blend in.  One of my friends nudged me and pointed to a cluster of hulking, 200+, 6-foot(+) guys who were playing grab ass with each other (I smirked...).  Then someone pointed out a similar pod of females doing the same thing.  It suddenly hit us that we were in the middle of a "gay pride" rally and block party!  Whatever!  (It didn't matter to us--although, as friends, we never talked about gays because while never feeling the need to openly express it, none of us felt threatened by gays.)  Then I saw my friend, Steve, through the crowd--and he saw me, and he saw me see him!  But he turned and walked away, disappearing in the mass of people.  I never saw him again.  I learned a few years later that he died of AIDS.  I was mad at Steve for a long time because it seemed he assumed that I did care that he was gay, when in fact, I could care less.
I think no more of gays than I do of any "studly," heterosexual, single guy who is "gettin' it" every night!  What you do in your bedroom, and who you marry, in your business, not mine! 
But lately, it seems that everyone is either coming out as gay, or being gay has suddenly become a national concern.  I'm 56 years old and I've always known that a significantly large population of the world don't think the way I think, or like the same foods I like, or wear the same clothes I wear.  To me, being gay or straight, is about love and sex:  who you care about (your mate), and who you screw (not "how" you screw--that's something else entirely). 
When I was in the Marine Corps, it went without saying (although it was said often) that homosexuality was anathema to the Corps--but so was the barracks thief!  My first 4 years in the Marine Corps, I was an MP, and I can't count how many times I would bust people screwing under the trees, behind the bleachers, in cars, or sneaking their partners in the barracks, only to be busted by others in the barracks--hating and jealous because they weren't getting any!  I once apprehended a female who snuck in her boyfriend in the female barracks and they did the nasty in a cubicle, shielded only by 6-foot walls.  The other women, standing on chairs and footlockers watched as they got it on, then dimed her out to the Duty NCO when they finished.   Gays (suspected or real) were never arrested--they were simply "outed" and they just disappeared--silently, never to be heard from again.  But a barracks thief?  That was a real, powerful threat to unit cohesion.  The barracks went into upheaval whenever you found out that the guy next to you was stealing from you, or stealing from the chow hall, or doggin' it on duty, because suddenly you didn't know who to trust.  You started looking at your best friend--your "battle buddy"--with a jaundiced eye because you didn't trust leaving your wallet in your pants when you showered.  I don't recall anyone freaking out when there was a suspicion of someone being gay.  I don't think anyone slept or showered in fear of being raped by a gay Marine.  To my knowledge, it has never happed and never will.
Nowadays, we have people (especially and particularly celebrities) outing themselves.  I can understand that they don't want to live a lie (although I can never understand why they should have to).  But now comes Michael Sam and he revelation that he's gay.  The first thing I said was, "So what?!?"  From a business perspective (and we all know the NCAA is a business), the only thing that matters is the bottom line, and in the NFL, or any professional sports league, the "bottom line" is the bottom line!  I can't imagine how it would matter to the owners or the team as long as Sam knocks the living shit out of the guy on the other side of the ball, as long as he makes the sacks, causes and/or recovers fumbles, or prevents runners from advancing the ball.
That brings me to Tim Tebow.  I have a feeling the NFL is going to embrace Sam for his athleticism, and they will superficially embrace (by ignoring) his sexuality (which they should).  So, I ask:  what's the controversy?  What's everyone talking about?  I doubt the man will go around raping his teammates or little kids.  But what was this thing about Tim Tebow?  I seem to recall he was a stellar player for Florida, winning the Heisman Trophy, I think?  But suddenly he couldn't bust a grape in the NFL?  Once Denver signed Manning, Tebow wasn't "good enough," and certainly not "good" at all to the Jets or New England.  But why?  Was it the "Tebowing?"  What it the religious messages in the eye paint?  What was it about Tebow and God that made the NFL regurgitate?  Perhaps it was some religious prejudice?  Can't be that because the NFL players make this huge end-of-game deal with kneeling at the 50-yard line to pray.  What's this deal about Sam and his sexuality?  Will it distract from the absolutely pointlessness of having half-naked cheerleaders?  Will it conflict with the alcoholic, whore mongering image of professional athletes, and rock stars, and movie stars?  As I write this, I'm listening to a 106.7 WFAN sportscaster extoll the virtues of Derek Jeter and all of his female superstar conquests off the field.  So what?  Why does he care?  I'm confused over what frightens the NFL (or America) more--flaming gays or religious nuts?  In the end, the only thing that matters is whether the ball got across the line.  Just ask Lawrence Taylor--he's in the Hall of Fame after numerous arrests, child neglect, drug abuse, wife beating....all that matters is the bottom line, right?  Well, don't tell that to Tebow, and Sam better hope he slays them at the combines!

More #SochiProblems

Cameras still come with instructions, don't they?

USA/Russia Olympic Hockey

What follows is a collection of my comments and status updates from Facebook.  Currently the game is tied in OT:

It was only a matter of time given the way they've mostly been outskated throughout this game.

I gotta tell ya, I'm getting sick of this dump and chase game. I thought we brought a speed team because of the big ice.
I mean, the Bruins play that way (Interrupted by that goal nongoal by the Russians. We caught a big break there.that's a bad call.) Anyway, the Bruins play on smaller ice and have the skaters to outchase; but with their new young defensemen, they don't play that game nearly as much anymore.

This one in response to a friend talking about Russia's no-goal that would've given them the lead and arguably the win:  Although that's fair payback for the Russian player purposely skating into the leg of the USA player who had his back turned, tripping himself and getting a penalty.

And I gotta say I'm pissed, probably because i'm old school; but why the hell are we not only playing OT in the prelim round but then a shootout after that? How stupid. Why bother having total goals as a tie breaker when there's never any ties? sheesh

Score USA! Hard to believe we're up 2-1 in the 3rd. To me we've been outplayed. Two PP goals...opportunistic and Quick has been great in net.
 IMO a puck-control defenseman would be a great thing to have. We've hardly had any offensive zone time with this dump and chase game on big ice.

See my previous comment above as we go to a shootout.  I guess to be fair, since I still feel like the Russians were the better team and got screwed out of the game winner, that they should win; but to me there's no place for OT and especially a shootout in a preliminary round game.  What's the point of the tiebreakers?

Oshie scores on the first US attempt.  Now Malkin and Quick got a piece of it.  JVR is up for the US, who's arguably had the best game for us -- save Babrowski.  Quick just stones Datsuyk.  Pavelski with a chance to win, Babrowski holds his ground after several deeks..  Kovalchuk scores!  We're tied.  Kovalchuk goes again and Quick stones him.  Now Oshie again for the US -- Oshie had him laid out and missed an open net.  Datsuyk scores to give Russia the lead (what the hell is up with players going again?)  Oshie goes again and scores!  We're tied!  Kovalchuk beats Quick like a rented mule!  Now it's Oshie yet again...isn't he tired?  And he scores!  I gotta say I hate this though.  I want this the NHL way if we're gonna do a shootout...use your entire bench.   Quick stops Datsuyk this time.  Now Oshie again to put it away...stick check save!  Oshie had him beat bad.  Kovalchuk hits the post!  Oshie AGAIN!  SCORE!  USA, USA, USA

(Apologies for name misspellings.  I know I've got Bibrovski? wrong)

A Mess In Miami

The fallout in Miami has begun with the issuing of the Ted Wells report on the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin situation. The report found that Incognito along with John Jerry and Mike Pouncey harassed and bullied Martin, another young offensive lineman, and an assistant trainer. The report also has that coaches and other team officials knew of the harassment and also participated in the harassment.

The report of all the problems that happened in Miami is out and can be viewed at many locations on the web. Instead of trying to figure out what punishment or the consequences for the players, let's try to figure out the future of the main players in this fiasco.

Friday, February 14, 2014


The 3rd Annual BoSox Tavern NFL Pick ‘Em Challenge is in the books and the 2013 Champion is the main, hairy mane Mainer from the Great Republic of Maine—Zeb Pike!  Over the 17 week season, Herr Pike tallied 165 points, or 165 correct game picks.  He didn’t run away with it, however, there was stiff competition from Brent and Mike, who came in close 2nd and 3rd with 163 and 161 wins, respectively. 

The rest of the field included Robbie with 148 points for 4th place, George with 144 (5th), Aaron with 142 (6th), and Rick and Tom pulling up the rear, both tied for 7th with 140 points each.
We also decided to take the challenge into the playoffs with each participant picking the winner of each round, through the Super Bowl, up front—we didn’t pick each week.  We added Ellery to the playoff mix, and the winner in a tie breaker was Aaron with 6 wins.  Both Aaron and Zeb had six playoff wins, but Aaron wins in the tie breaker, for successfully picking the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. 

And like the true New Englander he is, Zeb picked the Boston Patriots to win every week during the regular season, and again throughout the playoffs!  (Either this guy is a true “homer” or he thinks he had some inside dope that he didn’t share with his buds!) 
While we turn our “Pick ‘Em” attention to the Olympics, we look forward to next year!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Why Didn’t Budweiser Think Of This?

Free beer in Sochi? Of course! All you need is a Canadian passport. Just swipe it on the reader and the fridge opens.

So… who’s going to let me borrow their passport? I’m thirsty.

Friday, February 07, 2014

There’s Problems, And Then There’s #SochiProblems

In a related matter, I wonder if the property management company that’s responsible for the upkeep of the Lair might be in Sochi…

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

2014 Red Sox HOF Inductees

I'm sharing this because, A, I haven't posted anything in a while and, B, I thought this was a very impressive short list.
Say what you might but it's two baseball HOFers, one who many thought would be, and a beloved play-by-play man, Joe Castiglione.
This is not intended to start a HOF discussion related to steroids; but if it does, keep in mind Clemens was a HOFer by the time he left Boston and, I believe, before he supposed got on the juice.

Garciaparra, Clemens, Martinez, Castiglione

Monday, February 03, 2014

The 2014 NFL Hall of Fame Vote

Many people probably missed the 2014 Football Hall of Fame announcement on Saturday because of all the hype surrounding the "Cold Weather Super Bowl" and the discussions about Peyton Manning's legacy and if Richard Sherman is just a loudmouth or if he was a strategic mastermind for taking the heat away from his teammates. Anyways, the selection committee came up with 7 guys to put into the HOF. And even though I do not agree with a couple of selections, I commend the committee for their selections.

The guys that I agree with: