Friday, November 24, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 13 (Big 10 Road Favorites Heavy Edition)

13 Games above .500 with a couple of weeks left. I am starting to feel good about finishing with a winning record. Cupcake Saturday helped last week.

1. (16) Michigan State (-13)  at Rutgers - Where this line is, I would take Michigan State all day every day.

Michigan State 41, Rutgers 20
Actual Score: Michigan State 40, Rutgers 7

Saturday, November 18, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 12

TCU -6
Wisconsin -7.5
Virginia +18.5
Illinois +41
Navy +17.5
Georgia -21.5
West Virginia-3
UCF -13.5
Virginia +18.5

Sorry about the lack of refinement for the picks. I was on the road and about an hour and a half before the games started and didn't anticipate that I would get to my home anytime soon. So let's do the usual format below the page break.

Friday, November 10, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 11

The season record is 50-45-5. Picking these games where two ranked teams are playing each other is tough. I like how the professional gamblers will pick a Western Michigan vs. UTEP game for their leadpipe lock of the week, but you have to pay for anything about games that you care about.

1. Arkansas at (24) LSU (-17) - This is probably a sucker bet. Arkansas isn't playing up to their potential, but LSU isn't a powerhouse offense either.

Arkansas 13, LSU 31
Actual Score: Arkansas 10, LSU 33

Friday, November 03, 2017

2017 College Football Picks vs The Spread - Week 10

I am now 5 games above .500 after a 5-4-1 week. The first rankings are out for the playoffs and I can see 4 out of the Top 6 losing before the end of the season, and that doesn't take into account for games where an also ran comes up and takes a bite out of a favorite.

1. (6) Ohio State at Iowa (+18) - There should be a letdown from the Buckeyes after the comeback vs Penn State last week. The Iowa defense is tough and the Hawkeyes play ranked teams close at home.

Ohio State 27, Iowa 21
Actual Score: Ohio State 24, Iowa 55