Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sports Bucket List

Watching the Masters today at Augusta National got me to thinking about a blog post that I've had in the back of my mind for quite a while; and watching how pristine and beautiful Augusta National looked, as always, it reminds me how much I'd like to go play there and further thinking about the other sports-related events I really want to attend and places I'd like to see.
I'd obviously like to get my golf game at least to the point where I could enjoy playing a course like Augusta National or TPC Sawgrass or Pebble Beach or St Andrews, all of which are on the bucket list.
What follows is more of my bucket list with a few comments.
What auto racing fan doesn't want to attend the Indy 500?  The speed and sound of the cars, the traditions of the event, the iconic straightaways and being inside a venue that holds over 200,000 fans.  Since I have been to a Daytona 500, Indy is at the top of my racing wish list, followed by watching Nascar races at Darlington and Bristol.  And it might come as a surprise to some of you, but the Indy 500 is probably at the very top of the list overall, even ahead of going to Wrigley Field or a World Series game, although that would change if that World Series game involved the Red Sox, OF COURSE.
I need to be able to say I've attended a sporting event at Madison Square Garden, preferably a hockey game but I won't be unhappy with an NBA game; heck, even a Big East conference tourney game would be pretty cool at that historic basketball barn.
Since I've become a little interested in the English Premier League and Liverpool in particular, I've watched Liverpool matches at historic Anfield on television, one of the most historic sports arenas anywhere in the world (yes, Wembley's on the list also).  So I would love to attend a Liverpool match at Anfield, singing the songs along with the other fans of the Reds.  Along with such places as the LA Coliseum (which I have been to twice), Wembley is as well known as any in the world and I think it would be great to be there, perhaps during the upcoming Olympics.
A few other places and events that are on this shortened version of my sports bucket list include Soldier Field and Lambeau Field; the Frozen Four, especially if Maine were playing; the USA in an Olympic hockey game; the Rose Bowl, either the building or the event; Harvard vs Yale at the Yale Bowl; the Super Bowl and the World Cup, the two biggest events in the world and ones that should be on every fan's list.
Did I miss anything obvious that I should be ashamed is not on this list?  What places and or events are on your list?


R.J. said...

I need to see a Leafs game at the Air Canada Centre. I'd also like to see the Indy 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix. Why not throw in a Raiders game in Oakland while standing in The Black Hole?

Brent said...

I would attend a Buccaneers game watching on the Pirate ship. I'd like to go see an actual Australian Rules Football match. Go see an Opening Day baseball game, preferably in Houston. Indy would be on the list. Watching a Boise State home football game in person. Attending a Flames-Oilers NHL game when it means something. Attend a rivalry game in the Premier League. Attending the Grey Cup final. And finally, just because, attend a LFL Football game.

DC Homer said...

I don't know...I think I'm past the "excitement" of the crowds at sporting arenas; I don't think being "at" a particular sporting event would spin my wheels. So, I don't think my BL would be very intertaining. What I would like, however, is to be able to understand a few obscure sports, and possibly to participate in a couple. I'd love to be at a jai alai match ("game," whatever), and I think I'd like to try to play it (girth notwithstanding)! What I would like to add to a sports BL are (in no particular order): (1) hit a hole-in-one; (2) break 80!; (3) attend an afterparty of a "winning" pro team (any major American sport); (4) live to see the Redskins, Wizards and Nationals have contending seasons; (5) understand what the hell is going on at a criket match(!); (6) play in a high-stakes poker tournament (is playing poker a sport?); (7) learn to ski; (8) learn to skate backwards; (9) play a round at Augusta (I think I can beat that course), and (10) give the bull a couple of swords (that's fair, huh?). That's about it.