Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Prima Donna Team To Go!

The Dallas Mavericks have become the Western Conference Champions of the NBA for the 2nd time in franchise history.  And in doing so, they have confounded the experts that predicted the First round exit of said Mavericks.  They went through Portland, exiled the Lakers and wore out the Thunder.  Now they await the winner of the Bulls-Heat series out East to win their 1st NBA Championship.

Take a look at the 1st 3 games of the Western Conference Finals.  That is how the Mavericks are going to have to play.  Most people, myself included, will be expecting the Cuban Whistle Crisis Part II.  Especially if the whiners from South Beach are playing.  So expect the opponent to get 10 to 15 more free throws each and every game than the Mavericks do.  Hell, the officials were inventing calls on the Mavs in the Western Finals.  They invented calls in the '06 Finals.  Why?  One person.  The best owner in the NBA bar none, Mark Cuban.  That isn't a conspiracy theory.  That is fact.

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a great year, and they will be tough for the next couple of years.  However, I don't see them getting over the hump in winning a Championship.  Why?  Egos and Maturity.  And when those problems are gone, then Free Agency will have split this team up.  There are some fine young players on the team.  Westbrook, Durant, and Harden especially.  They need to work on execution and leadership during the game for next year.  Also, Scott Brooks will improve on the bench.  They have a future of perennial playoff contenders.


Zebster said...

The Heat will have several opportunities to win championships. This is the Mavs' year.

Brent said...

If the Heatles have 15 or more Free Throws than the Mavs do in Game 1, look for it to be the Heat winning the series in 5 or 6.