Monday, March 24, 2014


It sure wasn't a dream, I think a lot of people wished it was, Goodyear take note, but tire problems created a lot of mayhem and quite possibly decided the end of the race. Starting with 35 lead changes and problems showing up early, and staying on throughout the race. Kyle Busch won his second straight race at Fontana with a wild two lap finish after Jimmy Johnson blew a tire and Jeff Gordon losing the lead after showing a strong run all race. The deciding finish came about as Clint Bowyer also blew out a tire with three laps to go, and forcing a green white checkered ending. Kyle along with brother Kurt Busch, Kurt's boss Tony Stewart and rookie Kyle Larson duked it out for a tight final lap. The Kyle and Kyle show was the second time this weekend that the two drivers fought it out on the final laps. The Sprint Cup race was so marred by tire problems that the Hendrick cars were left in the lurch. This writer feels if any other track conditions were present they surely would have gone at least one two. Kyle was happy to dig this win out and Kyle Larson had visions of sweeping the weekend. His Nationwide win on Saturday was textbook racing for any NASCAR fan. And fans had to be happy with the wacky way the Sprint race went. Kurt taking third and Matt Kenseth in fourth and Tony Stewart coming fifth. Nationwide fans also had a tight fifteen lap final with Larson in first, Kevin Harvick coming second, Kyle Busch coming third, Joey Logano finishing fourth and pole sitter Elliot Sadler rounding out the top five. I know the scuttlebutt is that Goodyear dropped the ball on this problem at Auto-Club, but I feel the teams have egg on their faces also, trying to run pressures that were way light of the recommended pressure, and trying to squeeze extra speed out of the new cars on bouncy older paved straightaways. Next week we are off to the paperclip, Martinsville, that little track that thinks it's a big track, yeehaw I can't wait. Also we have 'Dega coming up in the next little while, cya there.


Zebster said...

Good job, Jake. Yeah, if you're wear out that left rear after 15 laps, you're running too much camber, although apparently Johnson's tires were fine all race long. Never did hear if he cut down a tire or what happened.

The Huntress said...

This race was an embarrassment. It's not like it was recently repaved. No excuse to see this many tires fail in one race.