Saturday, July 19, 2014


As you may already know, I flew to Houston last weekend to see my brother, good friend AA and catch a Red Sox game at Minute Maid Park.  (I think that makes five different ballparks where I've seen them play and nearly three times that many ballparks total)
I don't really have a whole lot to say except that we had a great time eating lots of great food and drinking beer during the three days I was there.  The ballpark is beautiful.  Got to see Big Papi hit a homer in a game they ultimately lost 3-2 (the only game of the three-game series they did lose).  Jake Peavy pitched very well again with no run support, although I disagreed with the manager's decision to let him start the 8th inning having already thrown 102 pitches and the top of the order coming up.  I was right as Jose Altuve led off with a hit and ultimately scored the game-winning run.  An Astro hit a homerun, so we got to see the train over the left field wall go choo choo and then run down the track.
Did you know this ballpark is built right behind the old Houston South Station train station?  We entered through South Station and then walking out the opposite side you enter a covered area that is a picnic area that essentially connects the station to ballpark.  Thought that was a great touch.
I took a few photos and from them you'll be able to see we splurged and sat in the club level.  What's great about that is not only do you have a seat outside that's pretty close with good sight lines but you can go back inside the club level and watch the game in air-conditioned comfort.
Below you'll see pictures from inside and outside Minute Maid Park but you'll also see a picture I took from my window on the airplane of the Atlanta skyline.  I think it's pretty cool, and if you zoom in it's even better and you can see what I think is the Georgia Dome.  The other couple of pictures are of the Astrodome, which I wanted to see before they tear it down.  Unfortunately we couldn't get very close to it. 

Minute Maid

Houston skyline



Left field and the train from our seats

From our seats

Biggio to Bagwell


Minute Maid


The Huntress said...

Nice pics, and I almost forgot the Astrodome was condemned.

Brent said...

Fortunately, I have been inside both stadiums. The Astrodome wasn't the great thing that people are making it out to be.

I am glad that you had a fun time and got some great memories.

Zebster said...

I wanted to see it for historical sake and I thought it was cool for what it meant when it was the first; but I envision being inside it to being inside an airplane hangar, kinda like old Yankee Stadium

DC Homer said...

I guess there must be something to like about Houston! I've been there once for a week-long conference. I didn't get a chance to take on any sports, although I had an opportunity to go to a Rockets game, but I had to work (and I'm not a big basketball fan). I was impressed with the size (and flatness) of Houston. I've not attended any sporting events in Texas; I think I'd like to.

Zebster said...

G, my bro and friend moved to TX for career opportunities but I don't think you could pay me enough. Both baseball stadiums are beautiful but that's not nearly enough for me, that and lots of cow to eat.