Thursday, September 03, 2015


You got what you freakin' deserved, Goodell.  Hate all you all want...we will kick your fucking asses again this year too.  You should be trying to fix your shit instead of calling others cheaters.  If you can't beat 'em, call 'em cheaters.
And you know the other owners pushed this idiot to do this as much as his own stupid pride and arrogance.  Go ahead, Roger, appeal it again.


Brent said...

Patriots fans have spent most of the day rejoicing Judge Berman’s decision in the Tom Brady case, and rightfully so. But to the extent that anyone believes Judge Berman “exonerated” Brady, the celebration is going a little farther than it should.

Judge Berman didn’t exonerate Brady. More specifically, Judge Berman didn’t find that Tom Brady had no awareness or involvement in an alleged (or actual) football deflation scheme. Judge Berman also didn’t find that Brady did not obstruct an NFL investigation.

Instead, Judge Berman found that, even if Brady is guilty as charged, he can’t be suspended. The NFL Players Association wisely refrained from putting it in those terms, since it would have caused some in the media to claim that the NFLPA is conceding that Brady is guilty.

Zebster said...

Correct but he also explains in great detail what an f'ing farce the whole thing was in the first place, especially the fact that the NFL, with ESPN in cahoots, put out false info regarding those footballs, when it was in fact only a couple of balls that were within the margin of error. And that Brady was essentially suspended four games for not cooperating when, in fact, Wells said he cooperated fully. (Much like the Wells report saying Bill and the team were not at fault for anything, yet Goodell fined them a million bucks and took away two draft picks. For what again?)
The league's own discipline policy states a fine is what you get for altering equipment, if you can friggin prove it. What this league did to its biggest star, who is squeaky clean, to try to show who's in charge, is reprehensible.
The other owners are very much behind this as well (and Kraft should've had some balls and fought this too). 15 years ago the Pats were one of the worst franchises in the league, completely irrelevant. Now they're the #2 franchise and the rest of the owners are pissed.

R.J. said...

Okay. Tell us how you really feel. ;-)