Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Too Many Wideouts In Cincy

I believe that the Cincinnati Bengals have the deepest Wide Receiving Corps in the NFL after signing Terrell Owens to a 1 year deal at $2 Million. I looked at their receiving corps and tried to figure out where all the young players sit in the depth chart. Believe me, there isn't much room for them to slide into.

Let's Go Alphabetically:

Dezmon Briscoe - Rookie out of Kansas. He is the leading reciever in the history of Jayhawks football, I believe. He was the go to Wide out last year in Kansas. Right now, according to most depth charts, he is the #6 or #7 receiver in the Organization. He is 3rd on the depth chart for Split End.

Freddie Brown - Spent Last year on the Bengals Practice Squad. A 2nd year pro out of Utah. He isn't listed in the top 8 receivers in the organization. Can see him getting cut unless he shines on special teams.

Antonio Bryant - 8 year vet from Pittsburgh. Caught 39 balls last year for the passing inept Buccaneers. Signed with Cincinnati with a salary of almost $10 Million for this year. Has knee issues this offseason and is now the #3 receiver behind TO and Ochocinco. $10 Million for a #3 WR is real steep salary cap wise.

Andre Caldwell - A 3rd year receiver out of Florida with 51 catches last year. Was expected to push Antonio Bryant for the starter's role on the strong side. Now with TO in the mix, will be relegated to either a 4th or 5th receiver in the Bengals attack.

Quan Cosby - 2nd Year veteran out of Texas. Will be moved to running back to see if he can stick with the team there.

Matt Jones - 5th Year from Arkansas. Had trouble holding onto the ball while a starter in Jacksonville and got in trouble with the law because of cocaine or crystal meth. Was looking at possibly playing his way onto the team with a good preseason, now has to have an exceptional preseason to have a chance. Right now 5th on the depth chart at Strong side WR.

Chad Ochocinco - 10 year veteran from Oregon State. The major threat for the Bengal's aerial attack. Starter at the Weakside Wide Receiver position. Will start each game if healthy.

Terrell Owens - 15 year veteran from Chattanooga. Has been penciled into starting lineup at the Strong Side WR position, taking the starting job from Antonio Bryant. If Owens and Ochocinco had teamed up 3 years ago, I would say that the best group of starting receivers were in Cincinnati. Today, I would put those two in the top 5. Starting to slow down.

Maurice Purify - 2 Year vet from Nebraska. Looks like his tenure with the team is almost over. Is #6 in the depth chart at both Wide Receiver positions.

Jordon Shipley - 3rd Round Draft Pick from Texas. Will try and make the Bengals team by moving up the depth charts past Andre Caldwell. If he cannot do that, he will either go on the practice squad or more likely, be cut in the later stages of training camp.

Jerome Simpson - 3rd year vet from Coastal Carolina. Has speed. Bengals are looking for him to be a contributor this year after 1 reception in 2008 and none in 2009. Backup to Ochocinco at this time. Isn't the most fluid at catching the ball.

Last year the Bengals kept 6 receivers. If they do that again, 4 of these receivers will not be in Cincinnati this year (5 if you count Quan Cosby). TO and Ochocinco are on the team. Bryant is almost guaranteed a spot. Caldwell is good enough to make the team. If Shipley shows up and has a good training camp, I can see him making the team. That is 5 receivers right there. So out of Matt Jones, Jerome Simpson, Dezmon Briscoe, Maurice Purify, and Freddie Brown, only one would make the team. If I am an NFL team that needs a Wide Receiver, I am looking at Jones, Simpson, and Briscoe if and when the Bengals start to shop them around or when they cut the receivers. Because those 3 are good receivers that will be forced out of Cincinnati because of the numbers game. Now if only the Buccaneers would heed what I am saying here...


Zebster said...

You always have to consider whether those 2 wideouts' egos will get in the way and Carson Palmer needs to get his act together.

R.J. said...

I heard something yesterday about Bryant going on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list, which prompted the T.O. signing. I don't remember what the injury was, though.

Brent said...

It is his knee, but he is talking about playing all 17 games. I still think that you could get a good receiver from the Bengals for a good price though.