Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why I Will Not Watch NASCAR Anymore

Saturday night summed up why I will not watch NASCAR anymore. You have a great Nationwide race going with Edwards and Keselowski. They are the class of the field. Then on lap 199 of 200, Keselowski does the bump and run in Turn 1, gets besides Edwards and they are in a drag race for the checkered flag. Then Edwards seeing that he is going to lose, deliberately turns into Keselowski and has him go into the retaining wall while Edwards goes on for the win.

In interviews, Edwards admits that he purposely wrecked Keselowski. That is the second time this year that this has happened. The first was Edwards getting Keselowski airborne in Atlanta in a Sprint Cup race while he was over 100 laps down. So now, the Nationwide Series director has said "it was a tough finish for a really great race." No. It was a BS finish and everybody knows it. Imagine if Edwards was doing this to Jimmie Johnson or Matt Kenseth. The sanctioning body of NASCAR would be doing things differently with regard to Carl Edwards. And that is why I will not watch or support anything done by NASCAR. Because of the favoritism that NASCAR shows to certain people and teams.

It isn't new to NASCAR, but they are allowing it to show all the time now. Imagine if Robbie Gordon decided to take out Kyle Busch for some perceived dirty racing. Gordon would be taken out back to the woodshed by NASCAR because he isn't a star in NASCAR and doesn't drive for a premier team. They let Dale Earnhardt get away with it for years, but not others. See the preferential treatment for some but not others? Isn't Stock Car racing supposed to be even for everyone and the sanctioning body not pulling for certain teams?

Until NASCAR does decide to start penalizing racers for deliberately wrecking another competitor, I will not watch another race. I will not buy any merchandise for either myself or my son. And for NASCAR, that is just 2 more sets of eyeballs that will not be watching, nothing major for them. But I have a feeling that I am not alone in this sentiment. Call people doing dirty things dirty and make them pay a penalty for it. And probation is not a penalty. For Edwards, park his ass for a race and the 60 team for a race in Nationwide. For Sprint Cup, have Edwards sit out at least 3 weeks and have him do an interview about the error of his ways. That will wake up lots of people and might actually stop the stupidity of wrecking people on purpose. Then fine his happy ass the prize money for the Gateway win. Cheaters should not prosper. And then for the ultimate insult, vacate his win. Give the win to Reed Sorenson and have Edwards finish on the tail end of the lead lap. That way he would still finish behind Keselowski. And that would burn Edwards inside to no end.


R.J. said...

I saw the ending of that race and I was so disgusted I wanted to hit Carl Edwards. He deliberately wrecked Keselowski when all he had to do was drag race him down the frontstretch and possibly catch him at the finish line. I'm convinced one day Edwards is going to kill someone.

Zebster said...

And I didn't see the race nor the incident (worked yesterday) but this stems back to the beginning of the season when Nascar decided they were going to let the drivers mix it up more and police themselves. How they were the only ones who didn't see this coming is beyond me.
But you guys are right about this: They did it for the fans and if the fans stop watching (which they won't -- see Earnhardt Sr), then they'll go back to being a governing body.
Great piece, Brent