Monday, February 14, 2011

No longer a scotch virgin

Since this is a sports bar, we do occasionally offer up alcohol reviews; and since I was given a bottle of The Glenlivet for Valentines Day, I thought this would be the perfect occasion to write another review.  Keep in mind that I don't have the most discerning palate and rarely taste what reviewers describe in ales or alcohol.  "It's got a nice spice note" or "a floral or fruity finish"...okay, if you say so.
I had often thought about investigating scotch because I have heard many people talk about how much they like it; that it's their preferred daily decompress medicine.  But my tastes are more towards the sweet, and so would tend to order a cocktail out at dinner or make myself a bourbon and ginger ale at home.  While I like bourbon very much, I've never enjoyed it straight.  I've found it too strong alone; and the better quality the bourbon, the stronger I find it.
Well, that's not the case for me with scotch, certainly not this fine twelve-year-old single-malt.  It has a very smooth woodsy flavor throughout the mouth on the first drink, with a slight biting finish.  That biting finish is nowhere to be found on the second and subsequent sips.  I do drink it on the rocks and am finding that scotch is much more susceptible to the quality of the water used in the ice than your average cocktail.  As the ice melts, it's watering down the scotch, of course, which is fine, but whatever else is in the average tap water does not blend well at all.  And while I find ginger ale to be a perfect partner for Jim Beam, I cannot imagine it or any other mixer blending well with scotch.
Needless to say, I find The Glenlivet enjoyable sip after sip.  I can't give it a real high recommendation simply because I don't have much to compare it to, other than the "rail" scotch with which I was initiated by my good friends Rick and George.  Salud, fellas!  It is certainly superior to rail but I look forward to trying some other brands and higher qualities of The Glenlivet to compare.  I can certainly see myself regularly enjoying a Glenlivet on the rocks until the bottle is empty.


Shel said...

I am glad you like it... and will enjoy it for a while, I think.

R.J. said...

It's been awhile since I've had scotch. Now you're making me thirsty.