Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Observations

Liverpool lost to West Ham United, a crippling loss for the Reds'  Champions League hopes.  Observation:  I still don't understand the interplay between the Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup, etc, etc, but I'm slowly working up to having a passing interest.

Watching the final match of the Match Play Championship between Martin Kaymer and Luke Donald but paying more attention to the consolation match between Matt Kuchar and Bubba Watson, Watson being another hard-hitting lefty like my fav Phil Mickelson.  Observation:  He needs to watch some of Phil's biggest ego-over-smarts moments and learn that being able to do magical things isn't a mandate to always press your luck.

Peeked in on the prerace show on Fox before the race today at Phoenix.  Observation:  Fox can't even be honest when they do sports telecasts.  A week after Trevor Bayne's win in the Daytona 500, Fox does a rundown of what Bayne's week has been like, conveniently and predictably leaving out the fact that his first day after winning the 500 was spent with ESPN.  They even went so far as to eliminate a dot on the map for Connecticut when they showed all the miles he'd put in.  The map shows Daytona, Chicago, San Fran and Phoenix but no Connecticut. 

Today's Nascar race in Phoenix:  Observations:  Two races into the season and Kasey Kahne has another good start in a car that heretofore almost never saw the front and finishes 6th.  A talented driver can make a difference.  The 43 car is in second place in the points.  I don't care that it's only two races into the season; it's been a tough past 15 plus years being a fan of the Petty organization.  So I'll take it and smile.  Go AJ!

Rest in peace, Duke Snider

I'd have an observation concerning the Celtics' trades this week, particularly the Kendrick Perkins trade, if I could decide how I feel about it.  I'm leaning towards bad idea and a crapshoot, except with Perkins' health issues it may not have mattered anyway.  Stay tuned.

My Bruins have looked strong on this roadtrip, beating the two hottest teams out west in back to back games.  Observation:  To me it comes down to Horton and Ryder playing up to their potential as to whether the Bruins could really challenge for the Stanley Cup.  The other pieces are in place.  Hopefully they don't sleepwalk through the rest of this roadtrip, which has easily-winnable games, including tonight's matchup in Edmonton.

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R.J. said...

All good observations. I missed the race because NHL Network had the Toronto Marlies on, and then at 2pm I saw the Leafs lose to the Thrashers in OT.