Saturday, May 05, 2012

5 Things That I Am Watching This Weekend

In deference of the posts by R.J. and Zeb about Junior Seau, I decided to do this a day late.  I hope Seau is in a better place and to all of those former football players that have seemingly found themselves with the thought that there is no place to turn for help, use the example of all the outpouring of sadness and loss towards Seau, and decide that there are people out there that can help them find purpose and happiness in life.  There are people out there that do care about you.

Without further ado, back to the weekly snorefest.

1)  The NHL playoffs.  It looks like the Coyotes are going to make the Western conference finals along with the Kings.  In the East, the battles continue between the Rangers and Capitals, while the Devils are surprising most of the fans hanging tough with the Flyers.

2)  The NBA playoffs.  It looks like the Heat should have no trouble with the Derrick Rose injury in the East.  The Celtics are looking old in their series vs. the Hawks.  The Pacers aren't ready to be an elite team.  In the West, the Spurs, Thunder, and Lakers look like possible contenders to represent in the finals.

3)   The Kentucky Derby.  While I am not a fan of horse racing, I do love the spectacle that Derby Day brings.  It is nice to see that people will dress up for a party.

4)  Talladega.  That is all that needs to be said.  The drafting and heat are worrying drivers and that is a good thing.

5)  Albert Pujols.  The man is struggggggggggggling.  After his whopping off season free agent contract, Albert has hit exactly the same number of Home Runs as I have.  Zero.  He is getting booed at home and being made fun of on the road.  Maybe the situation in St. Louis was the best thing for Albert, even though he might have gotten less coin.

6)  Struggling baseball teams in the 1st part of the season.  In the NL, the Giants, Brewers, Phillies, and Marlins are under .500.  All of those teams have post-season aspirations.  In the AL, the Angels, Red Sox, and Tigers are underachieving as well.  The Tigers are over .500, but when the division leader are your Cleveland Indians, you are under achieving.  Especially when the worst 2 teams in the entire major leagues are playing within that division.  The Red Sox have had turmoil since the beginning of the season and the Angels need Pujols to turn back into Superman.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I watched the Nationwide race today. I hope Eric McClure is going to be okay. If that accident had happened a couple of years ago he would have been killed.

dasnake said...

that was some smack wasn't it the same with mike affarano and his 6.5 rollover, would have been a lot worse without the later safety concerns, more on this later.

Zebster said...

If I hadn't been helping my daughter move this weekend, I would've been watching Liverpool lose the FA Cup final to Chelsea. So glad I missed that.