Friday, May 11, 2012

5 Things That I Am Watching This Weekend

OK, maybe following this weekend.  I have around a 9 hour round trip this weekend with 2 friends to go see The Wit And Wisdom 2012 Tour of Red Green in Mitchell South Dakota on Saturday Night.  So I won't physically be watching these things, but following.

1)  Game 7 between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers.  I am rooting for the Capitals in this one.  In fact, I am rooting for the Capitals for the rest of this Stanley Cup playoffs.  It hurts to root for the enemy, but I am willing to make that sacrifice.  Go Canes Go!

2)  Game 7 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets.  There is no reason that this series is still being played.  The Lakers are the more veteran team and better skilled team.  However, the genius of George Karl is coming through in the series because of the adjustments that the Nuggets have made playing defense.  Let's see if Mike Brown can make the adjustment to keep the big upset from happening.

3)  The unwatchable team in MLB, the Minnesota Twins.  The Bad News Bears have nothing on these guys.  Same with the Cleveland Indians in the movie Major League.  The Twins have shaken up their roster and the results have been the same.  Losses.  I believe that there are more than a couple of headcases right now in that locker room and some of the leaders not really caring about the way this season goes.  It is time to start the Ron Gardenhire watch.

4)  The 1st game of the Pacers-Heat Eastern Conference Semifinals.  This is where I think that the Heat can be tripped up.  I think that they might be reading the conventional wisdom about how they can cruise to the NBA finals.  I am hoping for an upset in this series and it can start with this game.

5)  NASCAR goes to Darlington.  AJ Allmendinger is running real well in that #2 Penske Car.  But he leads the list of people that have started every race and are 60 points back of the 10th place driver, Clint Bowyer.  Allmendinger, Ambrose, Almirola, Jeff Gordon, Kurt Busch, Bobby Labonte, Regan Smith, Mears, Ragan, Gilliland, Reutimann, Blaney, and Cassill need to start running well to try and get back into the Chase for the Cup possibilities.  There are 9 drivers between Allmendinger and Bowyer with Newman and Keselowski being the wildcards at the current time.  Keselowski has 2 wins and is looking pretty good for a wildcard when compared with past Chase wildcards.

And an additional one:

6)  The Bikini Hockey League.  It is being formed in Oklahoma.  In the beginning there will be two teams and a reality show project is being cast for the selection of these players.  The ladies will play inline roller hockey with helmets, gloves, elbow and knee pads along with shin guards.  No word on the object that they will be using as the puck.  There are a few problems that I see here.  #1)  Oklahoma?  This should be in a hockey crazed state like Massachusetts or Minnesota if it is being held anywhere in the United States.  More ideally, it would be in Canada.  #2)  Rules?  There is a rumor that there would be light checking allowed.  There is a reason that in women's hockey that checking is not allowed.  #3)  Wearing a bikini while blocking a shot with anything but a NERF object is going to hurt bad.  Imagine the welts that are going to happen.  I am interested, but would be interested if the ladies wore the full compliment of pads and equipment that their counterparts wear on the ice.


dasnake said...

nationwide is now on.

Zebster said...

You left out the Players Championship, which I'm watching right now, and the final day of the EPL, with ManCity winning the title, just to rub it in on my friend who's a ManU fan. I enjoyed Darlington last night but the racing is still lacking something. Don't count the Celtics out just yet.

Brent said...

It was nice to see Man City with the EPL.