Sunday, August 12, 2012

It's About Time!

People have complained for years in NASCAR circles that they hate road racing.  Well, as a long time NASCAR fan I've always liked road racing, turning left AND RIGHT.  This year I've been suffering through one follow-the-leader race after another.  That includes the kinds of tracks where passing was the norm.  Well, if you watched the Watkins Glen race today, especially starting at the last restart, you would've seen some of the best racing in years on the NASCAR circuit.
The fact that a Richard Petty Racing driver, Marcos Ambros, came out on top just adds a cherry.  It would've been fantastic even if the 2 car or the 18 had won instead.
Obviously it's too early to have an embed video to share.  So hopefully you got to see it live.  If not, watch the highlight shows tonight and check in here when I do get to add a video.  Suffice to say there were several lead changes, beating and banging, and fantastic driving throughout the last few laps. doesn't do embeds but here's a link to the final lap.

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Anonymous said...

I got to see it live. Best finish in ages!