Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Long 2013 Season For Houston Astros Fans

Coming off a 55 win season in 2012, the Houston Astros have continued their rebuilding plan this offseason and have continued to stockpile prospects in the minor leagues.  As one baseball writer has said, the Astros have a roster that looks like a Triple-A roster.  That is true and the fact that we are moving from the NL Central which has no clear-cut frontrunner to the AL West which looks like it could be the toughest division in MLB is not doing Houston any favors.  As a life-long Astros fan, the past couple of years have been tough.  This year might be the toughest for Astros fans.  If we win 55 games this season, then I will consider the campaign a success.

Let's look at the possible starting lineup if the season started today.

C - Jason Castro.  2 years in the majors.  Missed all of 2011 with an injury.  Has played 154 MLB games.  A steady catcher nothing more at this time.  Little power and maybe a .270 Avg.

1B - Brett Wallace.  3 Year Vet.  Over 700 AB and 16 HR.  Not a power hitter.  Has hit for a .250 Avg.  Has committed the same number of errors at first base as he has hit HR.

2B - Jose Altuve.  2 year vet.  small at 5'5".  In 2012, he hit 34 doubles, had 33 SB, and hit .290.  Also had 11 errors.  Possibly the best player returning for 2013.

3B - Matt Dominguez.  Has played in 48 MLB games.  If the minor leagues are any indication, he doesn't hit for power, doesn't hit for average, has no speed, and has a fielding percentage of about .950.

SS - Tyler Greene.  Has played in 266 MLB games.  Has hit .224 for the career.  Has 16 HRs.  28 SB, and a .955 fielding percentage at SS.  To be fair, the offensive stats besides average are going up the past two years.

LF - J.D. Martinez.  A 2 year vet.  Career line:  603 AB, 27 2B, 17 HR, 90 RBI, 144 K, .252 Avg.  At least he has a fielding % over .990.

CF - Justin Maxwell.  A role player when with the Nationals.  Astros brought him up to the Bigs in 2012 after he spent all 2011 in AAA.  Has some power with 18 HR in 2012 along with a .229 average.  72 hits and 114 strikeouts.

RF - Fernando Martinez.  4 part-time seasons in the majors.  Highest batting average in a season:  .237.  More strikeouts than hits.  A .991 Fielding percentage.  No wonder the Mets allowed him to get away.

DH - Carlos Pena.  How does a 12 year veteran decide to sign with this mess?  Pena came over from the Rays.  Last year he hit .197 in 497 AB.  19 HR and 182 strikeouts.  I just answered my own question.  Please let someone else play DH.

Top Reserve - Chris Carter.  Came over in the trade that sent Jed Lowrie to the A's.  Last year in his first real time in the majors, batted .239 with 16 HR, 39 RBI and 83 strikeouts.  Has a .987 fielding percentage at 1B.  An adventure when he plays the outfield.

Rotation:  Lucas Harrell, Bud Norris, Jordan Lyles, Philip Humbar, and Jarred Cosart.
      Nobody here that inspires fear in the other team.  In fact, we are very green here.

Bullpen:  Closer:  Jose Veras
                Relievers:  Wesley Wright, Rhiner Cruz, Xavier Cedeno, Josh Fields, and Hector Ambriz.
     I knew Jose Veras.  I am proud of myself.  Wright might be a closer in a few years.  Fields was a Rule 5 pick.  But this bullpen isn't the stuff that playoff dreams are made of.

Manager:  Bo Porter.  Only manager job was in the New York/Penn League back in 2006.  That being said, this looks like a minor league roster and he should get a chance to groom and try to grow the scrubs, um, talent to capable major league players.  Porter should get hazard pay for this roster.

General Manager:  Jeff Luhnow.  Talk about a job that needs hazard pay.  When Luhnow took over for that bastard Ed Wade, the major league roster was old and overpayed.  The farm system was one of the 3 worst in baseball.  And the coaches in the minor leagues were failing in developing talent.  Luhnow has modeled the Astros farm system after the Cardinals that he ran.  The Cardinals farm system has been good for a long time and at the current time, the Astros farm system is ranked 4th in baseball.  It will be nice when the farm system starts kicking out starters for the parent club.

Overall:  Just read the names and some of the stats for the Astros big league club and you understand that the 2013 season will not be one that has the Astros in the playoff hunt.  2014 looks to be a better year, but not one that will give the Astros a winning season.  Luhnow has the farm system straightened out after years of neglect.  It will take a couple of years for it to start bearing fruit for Houston, but it is where it should be.  There are a couple of keepers on the roster, but only Altuve seems that he could be an everyday starter on other teams.  I predict a record of 51-111 this year.  But at least the new logo is cool.


Anonymous said...

I like the new logo, and it weren't so anti-PC I'd love to see the old Colts unis make an appearance.

Brent said...

I concur completely. I would buy a throwback Colt .45 uni.

Zebster said...

Make it 3 votes for the new (and Colt .45) logo. They're going about it the right way. Here's hoping they've done their homework when drafting. Good scouting is invaluable.