Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hockey stats "explained"

You'll like this because it relates to your favorite homer hockey announcer. Stats show the Lightning being #1 in goals but 26th in shots, whereas the Bruins are high in shots but average in goals. His conclusion? That the 'ning are getting really good looks. 
Mayhaps it has more to do with with the fact that TB has snipers and the Bruins do not, Jack?  If it weren't for Marchand, who just scored to put the Bruins up 3-2, the Bruins would be very low.  And we haven't even talked about shot selection being a factor when interpreting this data.  In my opinion shot selection and shot accuracy are a lot more important than shot quantity.  Sure, there's value in getting shots on net and getting rebounds but I frankly feel burying your opportunities is what matters most.
The Bruins have great depth through four lines, are arguably the best defensive team in the league, have excellent goal tending, play their system and use their strengths to their best advantage; but if a couple of their players could bury their opportunities on a consistent basis, they'd be darn near unbeatable.

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