Friday, July 05, 2013

At it again

You can treat this as a chapter 2 to Brent's recent post regarding New England being the epicenter of the sports world last week.  What he left out was the Red Sox, which I filled in to some extent in the comments of that post.  Well, add to that that they went 8-1 on this recent homestand (sorry, RJ, as part of that was sweeping the Padres, which I'll return to in a second) and now suddenly have the best record in baseball and I believe their best record ever on July 4th.
My brother was kind enough to give me and my Cousin Aaron his tickets to the July 4 game as he had plans with his young family.  Thanks, Bro, for giving up your seats in the right field bleachers on arguably the hottest day I've ever sat at a ballgame.  LOL  We had a very good time, gave my new car it's first roadtrip, and watched the Sox win (excuse me, there's a f'ing mosquito in here) and it was a nice excuse for cold beer and hanging with Cuz.
Authentic World Series plaques

Obviously the Bruins had a headline week last week playing in the Cup Final.  Now  comes new that they've traded Tyler Seguin to Dallas in a seven-player deal, Nathan Horton is off to Columbus, Andy Ference to Edmonton and now a headline that they've signed Jerome Iginla to a one-year deal.  I'm not sure about these deals -- Iginla should be a good fit, as will Lui Eriksson but the Bruins gave up a franchise player and did not get one in return.  They've added to their depth, replaced the losses of Peverley, Seguin, Horton and Jagr; added a good? young two-way defenseman and got a couple of prospects but still in my opinion do not have the sniper they sorely need, nor did they get a high draft pick that could result in that franchise player (which incidentally is what I understand Calgary offered them before the draft, although the 6th pick may not have gotten them that player).  We shall see, we shall see.  Would love your thoughts on this.
Then there's the Celtics.  Will they trade Rondo too?  But the big recent news is the signing of young phenom head coach from Butler, Brad Stephens.  I know it's just TV interviews but from those interviews I really like this guy and everyone  lots of experts are saying this is a once-in-a-generation head coaching prospect.  Danny Ainge needs to give him a team, so we will see.


Brent said...

The Celtics hiring Brad Stevens was a coup. Danny Ainge hit a home run with that hiring.

The Red Sox are in the AL East which is a tough division. I will wait until the Middle of August to show any emotion towards pennant races.

The B's are revamping their roster. More of a win it now and the future be damned. The Seguin piling on by anonymous members of the Bruins organization is just bad. The B's should let it be. And finally, the defense needs to be addressed with a physical sort.

Zebster said...

Thanks for adding "win it now" regarding the Bruins, which I had intended on mentioning. It'll be interesting what that roster looks like.
No doubt the Sox are playing over their heads a bit but every team has holes. I don't expect them to win it all but it sure would be nice to be wrong.
The team left out of this, the Patriots, I'm sure are glad to have the cover and concealment.

Anonymous said...

No worries about the Padres. They're just returning to their regular season form right on time for the pennant races.

Aaron said...

Nice trip, the last time Zeb and I were at Fenway we also caught the Bruins Cup Parade, we nearly had a repeat this year. I want to say we also saw the Padres that year too. If memory serves Zeb and RJ? were going but something came up. This year was a much better game, though the bleachers were much hotter than the standing room area that's for sure.

Next time Zeb, we should bring home the second half of the pizza, just sayin'.