Monday, July 22, 2013

Nationals Lose (...again!)

Greetings Sports Fans--DC Homer here (...yawn!)  Sorry about that--quality "sports" has pretty much been on vacation here in the DC area--you know, the "sports town" of the Mid-Atlantic area.

Me, Scott, John, Keith (sports columnist, NJ "Daily Record")
Anyway, a couple of my friends hung out with me this weekend and in between several dozen beers (60-minute IPAs) and the volume of single-malt Scotch (Mccallan 18) known only to God, we managed to take in the "sweep" game of the Nationals-Dodgers series (Dodgers won 9-2).  To say it was hot out there is an understatement, so we decided to hang out in the air conditioned bar and after 8 beers and 6 Scotches, we finally made it to our seats (3rd base line, row "C") in the 6th inning, just before it started to rain.

George Washington of the
Racing Presidents
Talk about sitting on your hands--the fans were as limp and lackluster as the team in red on the field (any surprise that the Nats fired their batting coach today?).  I guess this is the price of success--egos and pressure.  The Nats just ain't got it this year and it looks like we're back to our pre-Cinderella (2011) .500 form.  (...yawn!)

Oh, and since I don't want to violate the BoSox Tavern rules, I have to let you know I was also at the July 3rd snooze fest against the Brew Crew (a 4-1 loss).  I guess the highlight of that game was my boisterous butt chanting Ross Detwiler's name to every between pitch chant ditty:  "Let's Go Det-wiler!"  "R-O-S-S DET-WILER!"  He was my player of the day, much to the chagrin of the fans sitting within 5 rows and 20 seats around me!

(Sorry for all the pics, I just bought a new iPod...and besides, I had to do something to spice up the pretty sucky blog story!)  :-)


Anonymous said...

It could be much worse. Ever been to a Padres game?

Zebster said...

Love the wit, my friend, and the loyalty. I don't recognize your crew. Nice pics. Don't hesitate to post them, we're easily amused.
Is the 18yo Macallan sweet like the 12yo? (which I like as a change)

Brent said...

You are at a ballpark. Don't be ashamed at yelling and chanting. You should have done it for every player.