Tuesday, December 03, 2013


This is little bit late so sorry on the that. I thought I would give a short rundown on our top game. This was played November 24th at Saskatchewan, between the Saskatchewan Roughcriders and the Hamilton Tigercats. The game was the 101st Grey Cup Game, played in -1 conditions which was a vast improvement over the minus 15 conditions during practice week. The Roughriders were the favorites and they played that way from the opening despite starting out with a three point deficit on the opening plays due to a Tigercat field goal. The Ticats then fell apart and allowed seventeen unanswered points, the Ticats then got another field goal. The Riders then scored within another fifty-one seconds, and went into half-time with a 31-6 lead. This was the first time ever that a team had scored thirty one points in the history of the previous 100 years. The Ticats had a decent third and at the start of the fourth were down 31-16. But the final quarter was not to be a Ticat revival, instead, the Riders scored two more touchdowns while the Ticats had only one more and left the field with a 45-23 final. The one thing I have always noticed about our final game was the closeness at the end of the game but alas this was not to be, my only hope now is for my B.C. Lions to be there next year, as we are hosting the 102 Grey Cup.


The Huntress said...

I wish I could have seen this game! I was listening to the Raiders game on the radio, but away from my computer. I didn't know it was on until the last possession.

Zebster said...

Great job, Jake, and welcome back. Stay awhile. LOL I saw bits of it but didn't stay since it wasn't much of a game.

Brent said...

I watched it but was disappointed by the lack of competitiveness.