Sunday, December 08, 2013

Great Season, Black Bears

Well, the Maine Black Bears won their first ever Colonial Athletic Association Championship and were ranked #5 at the end of the season, enabling them to host their first-ever home playoff game at Alfond Stadium.  So Shelly and I decided we'd brave the potential cold weather and drive up to see the game.  Oh yes, cold it was.
Unfortunately for the Black Bears and their fans, they ran into a hot UNH Wildcat team, one which had beaten them in the last regular season game and earning themselves a berth in the tourney.  Bad luck for Maine because they'd have to see the Wildcats again, after they demolished Lafayette in the first round.  Maine just made too many mistakes when it mattered most and fell in this game 41-27.

From my seat, row 1 on the 50 yard line.

A quick anecdote about the above picture.  I was working on the Island of Vinalhaven with no cell reception and asked Shelly to try to get tickets for this game.  She's such a sweetie.  First she tried to get seats with backs but they were all sold.  So then she just tried to get what she thought were the best seats available.  LOL  As experienced fans, we know that the first row is not usually the best seat, being so low as to be blocked by everybody walking by or by trash cans, as you can see in the picture.  I took this photo standing up and I did move the trash can.  The other funny thing about this is that one of the two seats we bought was not a permanent seat but a folding chair, which I took.  Gotta love her, she tried.  We had a good time and maybe the Bears will continue to get better.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to a small football game like that. If I go to an SDSU game, there will be at least 30k at the Q and all the traffic problems that come with it.

Michael said...

one of the two seats we bought was not a permanent seat but a folding chair, which I took.

You really took that "bought seats" thing to the logical conclusion.

Zebster said...

Bwahaha @ Mike. We have the same sense of humor, although I didn't catch that when I wrote it. It was one of those damn plastic ones though.
RJ, there must be some of the even smaller schools who play out there nearby...SDU or the JuCos. Did I ever tell you I went to Mira Costa College on my way to my BS?