Saturday, January 04, 2014

2013 NFL Pick 'Em Champion: The Zebster

The gang has concluded yet another year of successful team pick 'ems, with our host, Zeb, from outer Mainegolia, coming in as the 2013 champion with overall points (total correct picks for the season) totaling 165!  Zeb unseats Rick who was last year's champ:

  Zeb:  165 pts             RJ:  148 pts
  BK: 163 pts                George: 144 pts 
  Mike:  161 pts           Rick:  140 pts
  AA:  154 pts               Tom:  140 pts
Our Week 17 summary found Zeb with a near perfect 15 picks:

  Zeb:  15 wins
  Mike:  14 wins
  Rick:  13 wins
  BK: 12 wins
  AA: 12 wins
  RJ:  11 wins
  George:  11 wins
  Tom:  0 wins

Total Weekly Wins:  We have a tie between BK and RJ, both with 4 weekly wins.  We will use the first round of the Playoffs to determine the tie-breaker in this category.

  BK: 4 wins
  RJ: 4 wins
  Zeb:  3 wins
  George: 2 wins
  Rick 1.5 wins
  Tom:  1 win
  AA:  1 win
  Mike:  .5 win


Zebster said...

Between Outer Mainegolia and the picking pic, I don't think I can add anything, except great job again, G, the best scorekeeper evah!

The Huntress said...

Great job, guys!

DC Homer said...

I actually laughed myself at the "Outer Mainegolia" rip! LOL