Monday, January 06, 2014

Three-Peat For NDSU

On Saturday, while most of the fans were braving -50 and -60 Wind Chills in North Dakota, the Bison played the Towson Tigers in Frisco, TX. It was the closest game for the Bison during the 2013 playoffs. We only won by 28 points, 35-7.

This team is one for the ages. The Defense was ranked #1 in total defense, scoring defense, and turnovers among other things. The team went undefeated. It won it's third straight National Title. The coach is moving on to another challenge. 26 Seniors are leaving the team. Think that the dynasty is over? We will see. The Defensive Coordinator is taking over the program. The belief is that the defense will stay the same and if it does, the Bison will continue to be a favorite from the Missouri Valley conference to advance to the playoffs and make some noise.

The man that started it all 11 years ago is leaving for Wyoming. Here is how most Bison fans will remember the aftermath of the 2013 Championship Game:

Thanks for the memories, Coach Bohl. Go Cowboys!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Hopefully the winning continues with the new coach next season.

Zebster said...

Congrats to you and all the fans of NDSU.