Saturday, August 23, 2014

2014 College Football Spread Picks - Week 1

Back after some time off is Brent's College Football Points Spread Picks. This is the 2014 Edition. This year we are going to pick the games that the Top 10 in the nation according to the Associated Press. Plus any other games that I feel strongly about. This is for entertainment purposes only. No money is being bet by myself on these games. And if you decide to bet on these games because of my predictions, then the risk is yours and please make sure that you do not know me because I will call you an idiot with some descriptive words before that. All odds are from unless otherwise specified. Well, here are the picks for Week 1 of the college football season:

#21 Texas A&M at #9 South Carolina (-10.5) - I expect that Texas A&M will improve over the course of the year but out of the gate there will be a little bit of a struggle for them. You don't lose Manziel and Evans (both 1st round picks in the NFL draft) and not miss a beat. South Carolina lost Clowney on defense and Conner Shaw on offense, but that isn't as much as a problem for them. The 'Ol Ball Coach will get the Gamecocks to 10 wins this year. This is the first one.
South Carolina 38, Texas A&M 24

#7 UCLA (-22) at Virginia - The Bruins are expected to be a team in the 1st College Playoffs this year. There is a bunch of hype for them. If the hype is to be believed, the Bruins offense is going to score 50 points per game and this is the opening salvo against a Cavaliers team that is trying to find success.
UCLA 48, Virginia 17

#5 Ohio State at Navy (+14) - If Braxton Miller were not injured, I would pick Ohio State with a point spread of 24. Alas, he is out and with the Midshipmen defense, I believe that the Buckeyes will be in a scrap. I don't think it is an upset, but the game stays close.
Ohio State 27, Navy 21

West Virginia at #2 Alabama (-26) - 2014 is going to be a season where we are talking about how the Crimson Tide look like they have unfinished business. I truly believe that last year the Crimson Tide pride got hurt with the loss to Auburn and seeing their bitter rivals in the National Championship Game. You have to believe that 'Bama thought they should have been there. Nick Saban will ensure that the returning players remember that feeling. The Mountaineers won't put up much of a fight in this one.
West Virginia 10, Alabama 51

Arkansas (+20) at #6 Auburn - I am not buying the hype for Auburn right now. I don't think that they are a Top 10 team. Last year was an aberration in my mind because of all the close games. I am not impressed with Arkansas and believe that Bielema is over his head in the SEC. Just look at how the Badgers underperformed with expectations when he was there.
Arkansas 24, Auburn 34

Louisiana Tech at #4 Oklahoma (-38) - I usually hate picking giving the points with this high of a point spread. But I think that Oklahoma will want to prove that the hype they are getting is well founded. I expect that the 2nd stringers from Oklahoma to outscore the Bulldogs.
Louisiana Tech 13, Oklahoma 55

#1 Florida State at Oklahoma State (+18) - You give me Oklahoma State and 18 points, I will take it all day long. I understand that the Seminoles can score points and can play defense, but I have faith in Gundy's offense that they can explode and score with the best teams in America. I just don't think that the Cowboys defense can stop the Seminoles to make the upset.
Florida State 45, Oklahoma State 31

South Dakota at #3 Oregon - There is no line at the current time for this game.
South Dakota 6, Oregon 72

SMU at #10 Baylor - There is no line at the current time for this game.
SMU 14, Baylor 56


Zebster said...

Glad you're doing this again...the blog needs some activity and you do a very good job with it.

Brent said...

That is why I am doing this again, the blog needs some activity. It seems like we all get the hankering to do a post at the same time and then for a couple of months, we don't post anything.