Sunday, December 07, 2014

My Picks For The NCAA FBS Playoffs

That is how I would have them ranked. And for all of you Florida State whiners that are whimpering that they were undefeated. I do not care. The Seminoles are not in the Top 10 of any of the 5 computer rankings that have been used to determine placements in the polls in the past.  Also, it does not matter if Florida State has won 28 straight or that they are the defending National Champions. This is about this year, and if you are looking for the 4 best teams, the Seminoles are not what I believe is a Top 5 team in the nation.

As for TCU, you lose to Baylor, they win the last spot because of the head-to-head. Simple as that. And if "Game Control" is used as a criteria, how can you say that the Horned Frogs had the game under control when it is only 17-3 in the 3rd Quarter against a 2 win Iowa State?


Zebster said...

Are you going to prognosticate the outcome of the playoff?

Brent said...

Yep. In fact, I am thinking about prognosticating the entire bowl season.

Either that or start something new for a weekly thing here on the blog.