Saturday, January 10, 2015

Patriots win Divisional Round

I don't know if it was rust or what, and give the Ravens credit, but things looked pretty bad for the Pats early on in this game, as the Ravens marched down the field pretty easily two straight times to put the Pats down 0-14.  The Patriots righted the ship and got back in the game, only to have Tom Brady make two very big mistakes.
First, he took back-to-back sacks to take them out of field goal range and thus take 3 points off the board.  Then after tying up the game at 14 and holding Baltimore to a three and out, Tom throws a bad interception in a minute to go in the half, giving the Ravens the ball at their 40.  The Ravens go on to a score a touchdown that they should've had no business getting.
In the end the defense got its act together enough to slow Baltimore down and allow the Patriots to take the lead and the win in the end.  The Patriots' only lead was the final touchdown they scored, winning 35-31.  The highlight of the game was a flea flicker pass TD from Julian Edelman to Danny Amendola.  Amendola had a big game, which was good to see for a guy who'd been a bust since he's been here, except for the last few weeks.
On to the conference championship next weekend.  Go Pats.
Oh, a couple of milestones for the Patriots in this one.  Tom Brady passes Joe Montana for all-time playoff touchdowns and Bill Belichik ties Tom Landry for all time playoff wins.


Brent said...

Congrats on the win.

Hun†ress said...

Congrats on the win, but to be honest I didn't watch either game today.