Friday, June 18, 2010


It was a great game but it sucked for obvious reasons.  All I can say is this: Never seen the Lakers play D like that. They strategically took Pierce out of the game, daring someone else to do the scoring and no one did. There were still shots to be made and no one was making them. Pierce FINALLY started driving the lane as the game was nearly over.   When we were up by 13 in the 3rd, it would've taken just one hot hand to bury them...alas.
Man, I hate losing to that bunch of clowns.  Losing the Finals because the two most selfish players on the court made shots when it counted (Bryant and Artest) will leave a shitty taste in my mouth for awhile.
What's your take, Celtics fans?


HUSKY said...

Sorry for your loss Zeb but had the celtics one i would be the one today feeling this way. none the less it was a great series and both teams fought hard until the end. It was just the lakers time (which of course makes me exstatic) nothing but respect for boston even if they are the team i hate the most. They have a great team package and a great coach who makes plays happen thats for sure!see you again next season.

Dave Z

Zebster said...

Thanks Dave and congrats. You're welcome to hang out here anytime. I'm sure there will be Nascar blogs soon.