Monday, June 14, 2010

Sports Wrap

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Yeah, I know, you don't care about soccer, neither do I most of the time. But since the soccer World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world outside of the Olympics, I care about soccer a little bit every four years. That doesn't mean I'm going to watch much but I did catch the second half of the USA/England match this weekend and enjoyed it, more for the magnitude of the match than suddenly falling in love with the game. England did look the better team but the US got great goaltending in the 2nd half and held on for a tie, which is a win for the US because they were very much the underdog and earned a point. I wasn't watching when the English keeper let in the weak tying goal near the end of the first half but I've seen the highlight (lowlight) embarassing. Will you be watching it at all?

Did you know the Celtics are one win away from their 18th championship? They'll need to take one of the next two games from the Lakers in LA to secure it. They were down in this series 0-1 and 1-2 but have rallied to take control. I don't know how many more chances this current line-up will get to win another championship. So I'm hoping the older legs will hang in there and get it done in game 6. Will we see an encore of the Shrek and Donkey show? Don't care about that either?

Anyone going to watch any of the U.S. Open golf tournament next week? Can Phil Mickelson go 2 for 2 in majors so far this year? Will Tiger get back to his pre-drama form? No takers? I plan on watching. I enjoy very much watching the majors. Go Lefty!

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