Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Getting ready for game 6

What's the snack of choice for the game tonight -- nachos, popcorn, chips?
Gonna have a beer? I can recommend what's become my new favorite, Shipyard Export Ale (a future blog profile).
Hopefully we'll have a few bloggers and readers for our blog party tonight. A couple of "rules" are necessary, I think. Give a post 10 minutes before you put up another. Maybe you can include your thought in the prior post's comments instead of making another most. Try to be original and not duplicate. Have some fun and don't worry about what it looks like.  If you need help doing something, you can get me by email, FB or phone.
The Celtics fans will dominate here tonight. So I ask: Will they get it done tonight? Who'll be the star of the game? Do you have a hunch as to whether it'll be close?
If the Celtics win tonight, they'll be the champs and likely the series MVP will be a Celtic. Who do you think deserves it thus far?
Compare your thoughts to those of the ESPN experts in this link.


Zebster said...

That was not watchable. Anyone have any insight into why the Celtics of 5 years ago showed up instead of the current team?

JMC said...

didn't watch at home. was not with my computer. wished i hadn't watched at all. but of course i stayed tuned in till the very bitter end. i guess just to make sure it was a true ass-whoopin.