Thursday, July 07, 2011

Bruins Cup Parade Pics and Sox Game

The one thing that Zeb didn't get the full experience of before the Sox game was "Flagger Dude". We had gone to CVS for a cold drink and well deserved Snicker's Ice Cream bar, this is where FD first entered our lives. He had his orange flag, tattered and torn, barely hanging on the stick. He was in CVS looking for tape to do the needed repairs. As Zeb and I took up residence on the bus stop bench, FD took up his station at the corner. He devotedly waved his flag directing traffic toward Fenway. The problem is that there were only 3 people that appeared to understand his motives: Himself, Zeb and I. The lights changed, the flag waved and motorists completely ignored him. It wasn't long before he was chatting away. At first I thought he was just taking to himself, until I saw the hands free ear piece and mic. At one point Zeb nudges me and I turn to look and FD is about 3 knuckles deep, digging for the green gold. Pedestrians walk by all trying very hard not to notice. A short time later a traffic cop shows up and starts directing traffic, now Zeb and I are really confused. FD has just been rendered redundant...but the cop says nothing to him, just goes about his business directing traffic.

At some point Zeb runs out of cigarettes and needs to make a run. So there I sat perched on the bus stop bench when I catch FD out of the corner of my eye. It's at this point I start looking for the hidden cameras, I could hear the voice the over. "Here we have 2 guys from Detroit Me, visiting the big city, let's see how they react to some local color...". This comes to mind because what I saw out of the corner of my eye is FD elbow deep in his pants just a digging away! Here again everyone trying not to notice but having no luck.

It seems we were on the wrong side of the street, not an uncommon thing for a couple of Basford boys in the big city. Tim Thomas apparently had the cup, he was on the same Duck Boat as Chara, who I got a few pics of, but was on the other side of the boat from us so we didn't get to see the cup. Here are the better pics, I'll post all of them to my Facebook and tag Zeb so they'll all be available there.

Enjoy the pics:

Championship wall at Fenway.

This is the guy that saw Zeb's Sweeney jersey and pointed it out to Sweeney.

Coach Claude Julien

I think this was as close to the cup as we got, Tim Thomas and presumably the cup are sitting behind Chara.

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Zebster said...

Awesome Flagger Dude story. That's Mark Recchi pointing at me. I know when that first duck boat approached us that Thomas was near the front because we did see him. I think there was a 3rd Bruin on that boat but on the other side, and he must've had the Cup when they passed us.
I forgot about the Sox championship wall. Great pics.