Friday, July 22, 2011

New Logo Of The Winnipeg Jets

The New Winnipeg Jets Logo:

I like it better than going back to the old logo.  The Red Maple Leaf under the jet makes the jet pop.  Although the blue circle with the cut out of the top confounds me.

Their two alternate logos:

I wish that the top alternate logo would have played up a little of their old logo with a jet trailspray forming the cross of the t and the upper line of the s and the Maple Leaf forming the rear outline of the Jet somehow.  The bottom logo in my opinion is a good looking one.  I can see that one on the shoulders of all their uniforms.


Robyn said...

I like the circular Jets logo if it were a shoulder patch. As the main logo? Not so much.

Zebster said...

Personally, to me the logos are just alright. If they were going to return as the Jets, then be the Jets in every way (I suspect we'll still see that old logo regularly); otherwise, they should've been the Manitoba Moose.

Brent said...

If the true test of a logo is sales, these are passing with flying colors, no pun intended. With only caps and T-shirts available at the current time, the first 3 days of sales with the logos has surpassed $200,000.