Thursday, July 07, 2011

Gotta Love Wild Owner Craig Leipold

While on KFAN with the voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, Wild Owner Craig Leipold talked about division realignment in the NHL and said who the Wild would be in a division with.

“Our division would include the Winnipeg Jets, us, the Blues, the Nashville Predators, the Dallas Stars, Chicago Blackhawks, and maybe the Columbus Blue Jackets… maybe not depending on if they go east or west. I am all in favor of that. I think that is a grand slam, home run, hat trick for our team.”

So it does appear that the NHL is going 4 divisions and 15 teams in each Conference.  Because you have Vancouver, Colorado, Phoenix, San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angeles, Edmonton, and Calgary out west.  That gives you 15 in that conference.  The only thing that I would do different is keep Detroit in the North Star Division, and move the Blue Jackets into the Thrasher Division.

“Everybody’s talking about it. We’d love to have Winnipeg. It’s a natural rivalry for us. The closest team in the NHL [for us] is Winnipeg. We’d love to have them in that division. I think with Chicago and St. Louis the old North Star divi… I mean Norris Division. Come on… How much fun is that?”

We could have the 4 divisions named after defunct teams.  The Whalers division, The Thrashers division, The North Star Division, and the Golden Seals division.  Unique to say the least.


Zebster said...

LOL @ your division names (or a Nordique division) I guess the only good reason I can come up with for keeping Detroit in the west is just so we don't have to go through them in the east playoffs.

Brent said...

I look at Detroit geographically. They are further West than Columbus and putting Detroit in the Central will strengthen that division while also allowing Columbus less costs due to travel which will help that franchise.