Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Christmas Gift...

...from Matthew Stafford to Packer fans, that is.  As you know, my Pats aren't scheduled to play the favorite teams of any of the other bloggers here this season, ditto regarding Rick's Packers.  So I came up with the idea that anyone could pick a week where they thought the Pack or Pats were ripe for the picking and blog challenge us for that game.  We've had a scarcity of blog challenges as it is, so I decided this weekend was the time and that the Lions were going to break their 20 game losing streak at Lambeau Field.
Well, things looked good for me not having to write a crow-eater as the Lions defense was holding the Packers in check and the Lions had scored two early TDs.  As an aside, I had to get to bed early for work the next day, especially since we were due for freezing rain.  So I had no intention of staying up to watch the whole game but it would've been nice if I went to sleep with a lead.  That didn't happen, as the aforementioned Stafford decided gave NFL fandom one of the best blooper throws of all time.  Charlie Brown would've been proud.  So instead of continuing a drive that was in Packer territory, the Pack got a gift touchdown and you knew this game ultimately would go to the Packers, as it did.  I'd share a video of the play in question but doesn't allow embeds.  I'm sure you've seen the highlight of Stafford's arm going forward but the ball going backwards, recovered by a D lineman would picks it up and lumbers for a touchdown.
Congrats on another Packer win, Rick.
Hey, did you happen to see the Patriots put a complete smackdown on the Texans Monday night?!

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tpubgu said...

Thanks for the post, Zeb. With Stafford's fumble, you could feel the momentum swing the other way.

I didn't watch the Pats/Texans game on Monday. I came home from work and was so tired, I hit the rack at 2030. Had the game on in the bedroom, couldn't keep my eyes open past the introductions.