Monday, December 03, 2012

NFL Coaches In Trouble - Week 14

Well, there are some things that change.  The Browns are on a winning streak.  That is news in and of itself.  The Eagles couldn't cough up the chicken bone vs. the Cowboys.  The Chargers did their best choke job against the Bengals.  Finally, the Panthers couldn't get out of the way of the Chiefs.  Romeo Crennel did a masterful job in holding the Chiefs together after the Belcher situation on Saturday morning. 

1. Andy Reid - Philadelphia Eagles. Another week, another firing of an Assistant Coach.  Jim Washburn deserved to be fired because of his antics and disrespect he showed to his bosses.  Even if you are close to the players, there is no excuse for going off on the brass of the team when they cut a player.  There were reasons, and if you don't agree with them, then you discuss it like a normal human being with the brass.  And then you can say that you disagree with the decision, but will continue with what they decided.  Not what that jackass said.  The new rumor has Andy Reid going to Dallas and coaching the Cowboys if Jason Garrett is fired.  I just don't know how the combo of Reid and Jones would work. 

2. Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers. Oh Norv.  The Chargers have fallen far under your leadership.  You are a great offensive mind, but now have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that as a Head Coach, you leave something to be desired.  The playoffs are now out of reach and there is nothing but a pink slip in your future.   The players cannot save you.  AJ Smith cannot save you.  Maybe there will be a soft landing spot for you as an offensive coordinator, but there should not be another Head Coaching job in the future.

3. Ron Rivera - Carolina Panthers. Ron Rivera might get another shot as a Head Coach.  It won't be for a couple of years at least.  When you walk into Arrowhead and lose a game to the worst team in the league, when they are in turmoil doesn't say much for the leadership on this team.  Cam Newton needs help and there isn't much on this team either in the talent or in the coaching staff ranks.  Maybe the next GM and coach can help Newton obtain his full potential.

4. Pat Shurmur - Cleveland Browns. Browns fans are celebrating heartily today.  A two game winning streak.. Of course the second win was over the lowly Raiders, but a win is a win.  It looked like the Browns had control of the game for most of it.  Trent Richardson is the real deal.  Brandon Weeden is coming along slowly.  The Browns have a couple of building blocks.  However, they have estranged Joshua Cribbs, and there is uncertainty surrounding this team until the President of the team, Joe Banner says what is going to happen to the old regime after the season.  Maybe the next coach will have a solid front office..

5. Romeo Crennel - Kansas City Chiefs.  Coach Crennel deserves loud praise for the job he did this past weekend, and I'm not talking about the game.  I applaud him as a man and a leader of men.  For the public speaking to the press after Saturday and Sunday after the game, he concentrated on the loss of the families and of the 3-month old girl that was left behind.  She is going to have a tough life, just because of the circumstances of how both of her parents died.  Thank you, Coach Crennel for showing that Head Coaches in the NFL aren't stone aged cavemen.  And oh by the way, the Chiefs won their first game at home in 8 tries. 

6. Mike Munchak - Tennessee Titans. A bad home loss against the Texans might be the final nail in the coffin of Mike Munchak.  Tennessee has shown flashes of brilliance this year, but nothing major.  Jake Locker could be a star quarterback in the right system and Chris Johnson looks like he is past his prime.  I don't know how you get this franchise into the playoffs into the short term.

7. Chan Gailey - Buffalo Bills. An overpowering win against Jacksonville helps with the heat for a bit.  Fitzpatrick needs to improve as a QB and I don't think he can.  And that is the big negative against Coach Gailey.

8. Ken Whisenhunt - Arizona Cardinals. Losing to the Jets 7-6 isn't going to allow you to keep you job very long.  Maybe it is time to look at Alex Smith as your future QB.

9. Dennis Allen - Oakland Raiders. The Raiders are starting to look like they did during the last days of Al Davis.  Allen deserves at least another year, but he might not get it.

10. Jason Garrett - Dallas Cowboys.  A win vs. the lowly Eagles keep the faint playoff hopes alive.  I imagine that he is looking at a playoffs or get fired scenario from Jerry Jones.

11. Mike Mularkey - Jacksonville Jaguars. Well, the Matt Moore experiment is showing why the Dolphins let him go.  Maybe talking to the Jets for Tim Tebow is what is next for this franchise.

12. Rex Ryan - New York Jets.  We have a three-headed QB controversy here.  Tebow isn't a great passer, Sanchez isn't a good leader, and MeElroy isn't regarded highly.  Go with Tebow and the running game.

13. Mike Shanahan - Washington Redskins. How Shanahan has buffaloed the fans and people inside the NFL as a top flight coach for so long has me stumped.  He deserves all the blame for how the Redskins have looked the past couple of years.
14. Jim Schwartz - Detroit Lions. A last second loss to the Colts and the defense laughing at an injured opponent doesn't look good for Coach Schwartz.  He might not be the leader that is needed in Detroit.

15. Leslie Frazier - Minnesota Vikings.  Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave will be the sacrificial lamb after the season.  The offense is putrid and Coach Frazier needs to have his defensive line remember to keep the QB in the pocket.


Anonymous said...

Things are looking bleak for the Raiders. Not only is Dennis Allen's job on the line but Reggie McKenzie's could be as well.

I would give anything to have Gruden run the show again. Chucky needs to come home.

Brent said...

That would be a shame. McKenzie inherited Salary Cap hell, thanks to Hue Jackson and Al Davis. That is the reason that the Raider's roster looks like it is. Add to that the fact that the Top draft picks of the Raiders haven't panned out and you have a franchise that needs to stop the rotating door and have some stability.