Monday, December 10, 2012

NFL Coaches In Trouble - Week 15

We have a change in the Top 3  After the Cardinals quit on Ken Whisenhunt, he comes in at #3 on the list.  I saw how a team quit last year when the Buccaneers should have just stayed home the last 10 weeks of the season.  They quit on Raheem Morris and you could tell.  The 58-0 shellacking that the Cardinals received yesterday showed a team that had quit on the field.  That is unacceptable.  You can't fire the players, but you can fire the coach.  I have a feeling that there will be a new Head Coach in Arizona next year.

1. Andy Reid - Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles got off the snide against the Buccaneers by scoring a Touchdown with no time left in the game.  The Eagles players deserve some credit as well as the coaching staff for not mailing in the rest of the season.  There needs to be major personnel turnover, the front office and coaching staff need to be rebuilt, and according to the owner, this should be Andy Reid's last year in Philly.  But he won't be unemployed for long if he wants another job right away.

2.  Norv Turner - San Diego Chargers. Now this past weekend showed what the Chargers are capable of.  going into Pittsburgh and winning the game convincingly against the Steelers is what is expected from the Chargers.  And even that result proves that Norv should not be the man in charge.  Where has this type of victory been over the past couple of years?  It has been heartbreak and pain for Chargers fans.  The result against the Steelers shows that the Chargers have been underachievers.

3.  Ken Whisenhunt - Arizona Cardinals.  He hit Number 3 with a bullet.  The Cardinals quit on Sunday vs. the Seahawks.  The inability of his staff to develop a Quarterback will be the downfall for Whisenhunt.  And if the Cardinals are thinking of promoting their Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach if they fire Whisenhunt, then what is the front office thinking?  It is the defense that quit on the team.  And if they don't play for the Defensive Coordinator, why would they play for him when he becomes the Head Coach.

4. Ron Rivera - Carolina Panthers. The Panthers finally showed some toughness in the win vs. Atlanta.  Of course, Atlanta might have had a down week because they have already clinched the NFC South.  I think Rivera can be a good Head Coach if he gets the right personnel.  In Carolina, it has been shown that Cam Newton, not Ron Rivera is running the show.

5. Romeo Crennel - Kansas City Chiefs.  Last week, the Chiefs overcame circumstances to win.  This week, they roll into Cleveland and forget to play football.  This team is not real talented.  Coach Crennel deserves more time to get this turned around, but won't get it.  The Chiefs fans are revolting and I expect that ownership will purge the organization to try and placate the fans.  That is bad news for Romeo Crennel.   

6. Mike Munchak - Tennessee Titans.  Another game, another loss for the Titans.  They put up a good fight, but mistakes did them in.  You have to expect that from a young QB like Jake Locker.  Look at Andrew Luck.  He has 17 interceptions I think.  The thing is that the Colts have a strong nucleus and players that play for the team.  The Titans have star players that play for themselves.

7. Chan Gailey - Buffalo Bills.  Another game, another close loss.  The offense didn't perform.  The defense held the Rams to 15 points.  And the Bills continue to sink into another losing season.  You have chaos in the backfield where Spiller and Jackson have both said they are frustrated because of their feeling that they aren't being utilized enough.  Add to that the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick looks like he regressed in his play and it spells trouble.

8. Pat Shurmur - Cleveland Browns. I still believe that Pat Shurmur will be fired at the end of the year.  But a three game winning streak might give the new Browns leadership some pause in doing it.  They have beaten three old time powers of the NFL.  Raiders, Steelers, and Chiefs.  Now if the Browns could start playing tough against other teams, we might se a team that isn't considered an almost automatic win. 

9. Dennis Allen - Oakland Raiders.  Another team with QB issues.  Carson Palmer isn't worth the $12 Million he is scheduled to get next year.  So who is next?  Terrell Pryor?  He isn't the answer.  I give the Raiders 3 more years before they can seriously be considered a playoff threat.

10. Jason Garrett - Dallas Cowboys.  A win vs. the Bengals has them right in the middle of the playoff chase in the NFC.  I still believe that it is a playoffs or get fired scenario from Jerry Jones.

11. Mike Mularkey - Jacksonville Jaguars. Ugh.  the Jags are still the Jags.  We told you that Matt Moore wasn't the answer.  Hopefully, they can stumble upon what will bring the Jaguars success down there.

12. Rex Ryan - New York Jets.  The Jets are proving that you don't have to win pretty for it to count in the standings this year.  At 6-7, they have climbed back into the playoff race.  All 3 QB's there stink though.

13. Mike Shanahan - Washington Redskins.  I believe in luck.  And Mike Shanahan has luck coming out of his wazoo.  Kirk Cousins has come in and saved the Redskins vs the Ravens.  And they are in the middle of the playoff race. 

14. Jim Schwartz - Detroit Lions.  Another loss in the division, this time to Green Bay.  The Lions look like they are searching for an identity.  Maybe Matthew Stafford isn't the answer in Motown.

15. Leslie Frazier - Minnesota Vikings.  Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave will be the sacrificial lamb after the season.  The offense is putrid besides Adrian Peterson.  The defense can look great against bad offensive lines. Now if they could have a receiver on the team that catches passes.

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