Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Somebody Has To Try And Write A Blog Post On This!

Us people out here in the Northern Plains don't get to experiment with cutting edge technology much. So someone needs to go see a Lehigh Valley Ironpigs AAA home baseball game. Why? Because they have a new video game that you play with your pee. Someone over there on the right coast needs to do this and write the best blog post in the history of this blog. From NBC:

A steady stream will help Lehigh Valley IronPig fans stay entertained and learn about prostate health while answering nature’s call at the ballpark.

The Phillies’ AAA-minor league team will introduce the first “urinal gaming system” when the season kicks off at Coca-Cola Park next week.

Screens installed above urinals will display the game, which is a downhill snowmobile competition. The user’s flow controls the virtual snowmobiler as he tries to hit penguins on the route — directing the stream left or right will move the driver in that direction.

Now for the person that does go do this, make sure that your stream isn't going all over the place. You have to have a steady hand. Haha!

Downs says his team had a few laughs when they were approached to be a sponsor, but quickly decided it would be a great way to educate men about prostate health.

“You kind of have a built-in audience and an opportunity to create an awareness about the importance of prostate health,” he said.

The game screens will display information from the health system when the urinal is not in use. When a guy walks up to use the urinal, the information will go away and switch into game mode.

“There’s a lot of ways you can market different programs and healthcare. In this case, it made a lot of sense,” Downs says.

At least there is a good reason that this is happening, not just to keep men's brains occupied for a few more seconds.

IronPigs spokesman Jon Schaeffer says the "pee" game will be installed in four men’s rooms inside the 10,100-seat ballpark — one per restroom. Anyone using the urinal can play the game and it doesn't cost extra.

Players will be given a score at the end of their game. The high scorers will be displayed in real-time on video boards inside the ballpark. Players will also be ranked and recognized on the team's website.

And you know you want your name coming up on video boards inside the ballpark that says you are an expert wizzer control person. And we wonder why humanity seems to be on a downhill slide.


R.J. said...

I'd have to be super drunk to even think about playing that.

Zebster said...

I heard about that on the radio the other day (XM hockey guys talking about minor league promostions). I'll keep it on my radar, though it's a good 10 hours from here.