Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend in Providence, RI

Always wanted to go to Providence and the NCAA Ice Hockey Regionals was a great reason to go. Wonderful food finds, great company and an interesting game. Taking a walk on the 'Green Line' to see historical Providence was great fun too. Wish it had been a little warmer to have the gondolas open... but that would be another reason to go!

This is Zeb's addition:  We had a great time.  We had talked about going to Providence and the Regionals turned out to be the impetus to get us to finally go, and the weekend remained much more about the city and the food (unbelievably great) than it did about the games, which is why, even though you bought one ticket for three games, we only went to the BC/Union game last night...we wanted to spend as much time doing other things as possible.  I will share some thoughts about those things with some pics on my personal blog later.
Back to the game for just a bit:  Union outplayed BC by only a little bit early on but after getting a first-period powerplay goal, the ice tilted even more to Union's side and it was really never much of a game.  Union-5 Boston College-1.
It was neat to be in another arena to be reminded of what history had been made there.  So one of the pics I'm adding is related to that.  They also had a banner for a very old AHL team called the Providence Rhode Island Reds, who won a few Calder Cups back in the 30's and 40's.  I wish when the Maine Mariners were moved to Providence that they would've used that name instead of the Bruins.  I think it's a great play on words.

Just left of the flags is the retired jersey of Lenny Wilkens, and the two to the immediate right of the flags are Marvin Barnes and Ernie DeGregorio, the former being one of my favorite players as a kid, the poor man's Pete Maravich.


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Zebster said...

Great job, Shelly. The company was the best part of the weekend.