Sunday, April 28, 2013

BoSox Tavern spring playoff update

Yup, my Celtics are as "bad" as we all thought.  Love ya, Doc, and your enthusiasm and positive attitude -- and no one wants to lose to the Knicks in the playoffs (read Boston losing to NY) -- but we all saw this coming; and given how great the NY fans have been regarding the Boston Marathon bombings, I'm okay with this.
I know we don't blog much about basketball and the NBA here but it's the playoffs, fellas, and at least one of us has a legit title contending team to post about (RJ!) and you're beating the team we all love to hate.  So how's about a Laker beatdown blog after your Spurs finish the sweep?

On to the NHL, where three of our teams will be playing in the Eastern Conference playoffs.  G's Caps (C-A-P-S Caps, Caps, Caps -- that one's for you, big fella, no hard feelings) have a first-round matchup with the Blue Shirts, so I'm assuming we'll all be Caps fans in this one.  I was hoping the Rangers, who went on a 4 game winning streak to finish the season, would continue to underachieve and that the Jets would get in.  Also, was pulling for the Blue Jackets, who deserved better.  When it comes to a playoff spot, being tied at the end of the season SHOULD NEVER be decided by anything other than a one-game playoff.
Back to our teams.  If the Bruins win in regulation against the Senators tonight, the Bruins will win the division (can I get a "fuck the Habs?") and have the 2nd seed, playing the Islanders in the first round.  If the Bruins beat the Sens in OT, that one point for the Sens puts them in 7th, meaning they'd play the Bruins in the first round.  I'd personally rather play the Senators (I know, watch what you ask for).  If the Sens win tonight, meaning the Bs only get one point, then the Bruins would not win the division and finish 4th, facing RJ's Leafs in the first round.

Obviously there will be mandatory blog challenges if any our teams face each other.  If I had it my way, which I can't have completely because it's not possible, I'd like to be rooting for RJ's Leafs against the Canadiens in the first round -- what hockey fan wouldn't like that?! -- and my Bruins playing the Senators.  To me that's more fun than rooting for my team to beat his, when his made the playoffs for the first time in forever.  Sorry, just a little jab.  So the Leafs, if I have this figured right, are gonna have a hated division rival matchup no matter what, either the Bruins or the Canadiens.

So let's root for the Bruins to beat the Sens in OT tonight, so we can root for G's Caps to beat the Rangers, my Bruins to beat the Sens and RJ's Leafs to beat the Canadiens.  That would a lot of fun.  Also, I really think blog posts should be mandatory around here everytime one of our teams wins a playoff round.  (I'll send an email so we can vote)

Here's hoping that all four of our teams make it in next year and we'll just go at each other. 


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this, but I will tolerate Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley for one night.

I really don't care who the Leafs play in the first round. But I could never, ever root for the Sens. Chris Neil is a spot picking, pseudo tough guy and their owner is almost a big a moron as Jeff Loria.

Go Bruins!

Anonymous said...

Oh and one final thing...


Zebster said...

Thanks for the support. I will say that I respect the game the Sens play...they're grinders. With the talent my team has, if they played like the undermanned Sens, they'd be more legitimately one of the 5 best teams in the league (they still can't put the biscuit in the basket), and so by extension I like their coach.

DC Homer said...

Well, one day the aura of the Caps will shine on the vaunted Northeast Divison...maybe next year! GO CAPS!

The Caps and Ovie broke out of their shell just a little before mid-season to go on a 20-game tear through both the East and "NASCAR" South (thanks BK!) And that is as it should be. Here's rooting for Ovie to get the Hart and the Rocket! GO CAPS!!

Now, Zeb and I didn't have a formal blog challenge (I was surprised he didn't challenge me when I received my obligatory "Ef the Caps" text at 6:05 yesterday. But I did do my due diligence to stick it to all Bears....uh, I mean Ruins...ooops, I meant Bruins fans, when I made my year bet with Christian--my 10-year old neighbor. A really nice kid--Boy Scout (future Eagle Scout) and my neighborhood popcorn dealer. But Christian is a little confused as he spouts the typical Bruins crap (although never having been to Beantown), but he wears a Red Wings jersey everywhere he goes. (He calls my team the "Craps"...cute kid! Remind me to slap his dad!) Anyway, based on the Caps' 3-2 throttling of the Ruins (again), Master Christian owes me one dollar! But not just any dollar, a Sacagawea gold dollar! And I'm gonna get my money!! GO CRAPS!!

Zebster said...

If nothing else, he's a funny read.

Brent said...

Not a funny read, a great read!