Monday, April 29, 2013

NHL Playoff Predictions

I love making predictions because I usually don't get things right and it amazes me why I don't get them right. Usually a sudden slump by a key player or a fluke goal. But we continue to try and get a perfect playoff prediction. This year. I have lots of chalk going. In the 1st Round I have Both #5 seeds and a 7 seed advancing. I am also predicting that both Top seeds make the conference finals.  However, I am going with a perennial underachievers to play in the Stanley Cup Finals. And I still cannot believe that I am picking this team to stun the hockey world and win the Stanley Cup.

Eastern Conference Playoffs

(1) Pittsburgh over (8) NY Islanders- The Penguins are just too talented for this to be any sort of competitive series. Pens in 4.

(5) Toronto Maple Leafs over (4) Boston- To me, the Toronto Maple Leafs will win this series, but it will be a fight. I don't like how the Bruins are playing. Toronto in 7.

(7) Ottawa over (2) Montreal - If Eric Karllson was healthy all season, the Sens would have won the division. I think his return, albeit not at 100%, will still allow the Senators to complete the upset in 7.

(3) Washington over (6) NY Rangers - The only reason that the Rangers made the playoffs is Henrik Lundquist. That isn't enough vs. the Capitals. Washington in 6.


(1) Pittsburgh over (7) Ottawa - The Penguins are still too skilled to lose in the Semi-Finals of the East. Pittsburgh in 5.

(3) Washington over (5) Toronto - The Capitals had an addition by subtraction with Alexander Semin. They show how well that subtraction was in this series. Caps in 6.

Eastern Conference Finals

(3) Washington over (1) Pittsburgh - I like the upset here. The Capitals started out discombobulated but came on strong as the season went along. I believe in the Caps and think that Holtby outduals Fleury in Game 7.

Western Conference Playoffs

(1) Chicago over (8) Minnesota - The Blue Jackets would have given a better fight for the Blackhawks. Chicago in 5.

(5) Los Angeles over (4) St. Louis - I don't know what but there is just something about this Blues team that has me scared to pick them in any series. LA in 6.

(2) Anaheim over (7) Detroit - The Red Wings have been hot, but the Ducks are better and should prove it in 6 games.

(3) Vancouver over (6) San Jose - The Canucks have the experience and the chip on their shoulder to win this series rather easily. Vancouver in 5.


(1) Chicago over (5) Los Angeles - Chicago will win this series. The Kings will show up and look interested, but the 'Hawks will be too much for them. Chicago in 7.

(3) Vancouver over (2) Anaheim - This series is where the Canucks show their resiliency. Cory Schneider carries the load and pitches a shutout in Game 7.

Western Conference Finals

(3) Vancouver over (1) Chicago - I love the Blackhawks offense. But the key to this series is in net where I would take Schneider over Crawford. Vancouver in 6.

Stanley Cup Finals

Washington over Vancouver in 7 Games. Playoff MVP - Braden Holtby

Your 2013 Stanley Cup Champions


R.J. said...

I'm not going to argue about the Caps winning the Cup. As long as Ovi stays interested in winning they remain the team no one wants to play against.

I wish I had your confidence in the Leafs. They've been hot garbage for two weeks and I think it might be Bruins in 6. If only the Senators lost and we could play the Habs...

Zebster said...

I can't disagree with your pick of the Leafs over the Bruins. They should be the team in this no one wants to play but they're not.
Given that, the East becomes weak and prone to upsets BUT no one's getting by the Pens. I too like the Caps but defensively they won't be able to keep the depth of the Pens at bay.
And in the west, I can't really disagree with your picks except that I've got a gut feeling the Sharks take out the 'Nucks in the first round, which ruins your bracket. I really think this is the year where the cream will stay at the top, and it'll be a pick 'em series between Pitt and Chicago.

Brent said...

My gut said Chicago in the West, but my mind overruled it. I don't see the Sharks doing any damage. But the thing is this year, it feels like there can be almost a choice of 10 teams in the Finals and you could be correct. So, there could be two teams that I have out in the first round in the Finals and I wouldn't be surprised.

Brent said...

I don't love the Pens. Yes they brought in tons of depth up front. I still think that their defense is the weak link and Fleury has shown the propensity to get rattled if things don't go his way early. I think that the Caps can get to Fleury in Game 2 or 3 and have him rattled for the rest of the series.

DC Homer said...

I do believe in spooks! I do believe in spooks! I do, I do, I do, I do! I do believe in spooks! I do believe in spooks! I do, I do, I do, I DO!!!!

Fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes...all crossed to ward off the Caps' traditional 2nd round playoff exit jinx!

Excellent picks, BK! I'll try not to be the typical "homer" and pick the Cappies, too, but I also like their chances in the East. I like the Sens, but only because of Gonchar. They are a scrappy team like the Wings of old.

I like the Hawks in the "Smithe" but I'll write more in a day or two.

Again, excellent Analysis--I like your thinking(!). ;-)

Brent said...

If I am right about the Capitals winning the whole shebang, I will act like Longfellow and write a blog post that makes it sound like I have loved the Capitals my entire life. After all, it is cool when one of our teams wins from the NASCAR division.

DC Homer said...

NASCAR Divison! Hell yeah! LOL