Tuesday, April 16, 2013


C-A-P-S!  CAPS!  CAPS!!  CAPS!!!

Today's "Blog Challenge" post is supposed to be between myself and RJ (a Leafs fan?).  Since the Caps took it to the Leafs, let me say this at the outset for bragging rights:  (....ahem...)  EAT IT, JACK! 

Okay, having said that, that will have to be the extent of my bragging, seeing as I didn't actually watch the game...in fact, I didn't watch it at all!!  You see, I downloaded a Microsoft Office application yesterday that I couldn't get to install (from the web).  So, I decided to contact their Tech Support (have you ever tried to do that with Microsoft?  No?  Well don't!  Just go ahead and stick hot burning railroad spikes in your ass, you'll feel much better). 

After trying to install the software for two days (it just churned) and then getting passed off from phone tech to phone tech by Microsoft, I was ready to climb the walls and scream!  I finally got in touch with Ifram (yeah, that "Ifram" from Tech Support) whom I allowed to take remote control of my PC and do the clean/up.  I'd been on the phone with Microsoft since they dropped the puck in the Leafs/Caps game in the first period!!

While he was doing that, I ran downstairs thinking I could catch the last few minutes of the 3rd period.  But NOOOOOO!  The freaking game was over (oh, BTW, the Caps won: 5-1, Ovie has 28 net benders in this abbreviated season).  So, I didn't get to see squat, but at least we won!

So, RJ:   NYA-NA-NA, NA-NA!!!  :-)

Sorry, that's the extent of it!  :-)

(P.S.  Ifram fixed my PC!)


R.J. said...

I saw the first fifteen minutes of the game and that was it. It was so busy at work that I didn't have time to turn around and look at the TV and see what was going on.

But I hate listening to the Capitals announcing team. They make Jack Edwards and Andy Brickley look like Mike Emrick and anyone who's lucky enough to be in the booth with him.


Brent said...

If there is an announcer that makes Jack Edwards look good, they must really be bad.

G: Looks like your Caps are going to win the NASCAR division. I hope they continue to streak and get to the Finals. I am sick of the goo goo eyes that the national media has for Boston, NYR, Pitt, Philly, and Montreal. Hopefully next year, my Canes can figure out how to stay off the IR.

Zebster said...

Wow, the potshots at the Bs are everywhere. :) There always seems to be surprises in the Cup playoffs but that being said, it should come down to Chicago and Pitt. Great humor in your writing, G...love it.

Brent said...

No potshots at the Bs, just the announcer who is too much a homer. Watch the Canes-Bruins fights especially the Chara one. The commentary doesn't match what happened.

DC Homer said...

I figure the B's owe the Caps a beer--no, two beers, since we downed the Habs twice for ya! We like IPAs! :-)

Brent: "NASCAR Division!" NICE! ;-)