Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello all, it's been a while, giving this another try, just a short one because I'm tired of writing stuff and it kept getting lost.
Anyway, Cole's notes version is this, the internet and yours truly were not getting along the last few months, but hopefully that's over.
Anyway quick little thought on the above, I think NASCAR made one of the best decisions I have ever seen since I started watching the sport. Maybe a little more control was needed on what was done by whom to what, but, and that to me that is the catchword, this is something that was under nobodies control and no one deserved to have damage that may have altered the outcome for them, my two guys in the race 18 and the 88 both had damage and both got back to square one and both blew engines later in the race. I know the bosses players are doing pretty good, so good luck to them.
Well we are off to the Monster this weekend and if this goes well I shall see ya'll on Monday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Brent said...

Nice to see you back!

Zebster said...

I agree in this instance it was the right thing to do. Bad luck for the 43 and horrible decision by the 5. If they took 2 and everybody stayed out, he had a better chance of passing them than keeping them all behind him with new tires. Kasey's looking real good this year but would someone please teach that boy how to do restarts. No one on the circuit is worse than he is at 'em. Welcome back, Jake!