Monday, May 13, 2013

Great Hockey

Tonight's game 7 between the Bruins and Leafs will be called an all-time classic because of the Bruins comeback and win in OT but the Leafs were the better team tonight and deserved a much better fate. 
I won't get into the game details much but the loss of Redden before the game and Seidenberg on his first shift meant the Bruins had to rely on two rookies on the back end, and the Leafs repeatedly exposed them.  But the Bruins didn't quit, brought back by Milan Lucic's physical play and energy, a guy who's been deservedly maligned of late.
But this series overall is some of the best hockey I've seen in a long time.  It's right up there with the Cup Final against Vancouver in my mind.  The Bruins spanked the Leafs in game 1, making them run around and look rattled; but give that bunch a ton of credit...they came back and never quit after that.  Despite giving up those goals at the end tonight, Reimer was terrific between the pipes.  If you didn't see it, Game 4 of this series was THE BEST game I've seen in a very long time, bar none.
So hopefully the Bruins have found their offense because now it's time to face the Rangers and Henrick Lundquist.
I wish my friend could have experienced what I'm experiencing right now.  I must would've preferred this comeback had happened against the Canadiens.
PS  Yes, RJ, you still gotta eat crow and we're still waiting for that Spurs post.


Anonymous said...

I have to write TWO posts? I'm on it.

Great series. I'll have a post before I go to bed tonight.

Brent said...

I hate to say it, but I can see the Bruins in the Eastern Finals.