Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

As some of you know, a very good friend of mine (and author on this blog) moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area a year or so ago.  He invited several of us to come down to his place for a weekend and to go see the Red Sox play in Arlington.  Thanks again for the great seats, AA.
Suffice to say we had one helluva time getting together, as well as eating lots of fatty meat and drinking lots of alcohol.  There was also no shortage of belly laughs and ribbing to go around.  I will put up a piece on my personal blog All Things Zebster, hopefully this afternoon about the whole trip.  This short post is really about going to the game.
L-R My Bro, Ellery, Tim and AA
I cannot possibly impart the enormity of this ballpark and I'm not sure the above picture does it justice either.  If you've seen a game there on TV, you know it's big but the outside footprint of this place is arguably 50% bigger than what you would normally consider the ballpark.  I think you could fit four Fenways in there.  The façade has longhorn impressions all along a center strip.  As with many of the new ballparks, there are restaurants and pubs within it, along with your traditional ballpark vending outlets.  We stopped at one of the pubs, Bodington's, for a cold one before getting to our seats.

Yours truly

Little Brother

We all dreaded the fact that John Lackey was pitching for the Sox, even though his previous outing was pretty good coming back from the DL.  Well, we had a bird's eye view of his very first pitch sailing over the left field wall off the bat of Kinsler but he did settle down and pitch fairly well.  The Red Sox bats have been kinda dormant lately and this game was no different.  The game was 3-1 Rangers until they got a couple more in the 8th to make the final score 5-1.  The Red Sox downfall was also as much attributable to bad defense at the infield corners as it was the lack of offense, but it was a reasonably close and well-played game, which was really a sidebar to being out together and sharing our friendship and mutual love of the game and the Sox.  I'm not sure there's really anything else I'd rather do with my time.
Thanks again, AA, for being such a great host and to Tom, Tim and Ellery for the awesome companionship and camaraderie.

PS  Ellery is the lone wolf in our group when it comes to favorite teams.  Like the rest of us he's a Sox, Bruins and Celtics fan (yeah, I know, AA, you hate basketball) but while the rest of us are Patriots fans, Ellery is a Cowboy fan.  This pic's for you, Ell.
Ell in front of Cowboy Stadium

PSS Once we arrived back to AA's, we watched the DVRed Bruins/Leafs playoff game, which the Leafs won, which I did not know the outcome despite RJ's text to me during the Sox game.  LOL  And we did play a round of golf the following day.  Not sure if I'll throw that into the weekend blog or come back here and post one just about that.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time. Mamajoan

R.J. said...

That place is cavernous. I can't imagine anyone hitting it over the Budweiser sign in center field. I'm glad you had a great time!