Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Stanley Cup Finals -- Game 1

Just a few thoughts during the game and then I'll write a brief comment at the conclusion.
The fact that the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins, both Original Six teams, have never faced each other in the Finals is unbelievable to me.  What are the odds?!  Along that same vein, given that we're talking about two of the best sports cities in America with long, if not rocky, histories, it's at least doubly amazing that this is ONLY THE THIRD TIME these two cities have faced each other in a final of the four major sports.  Granted, the Celtics and Bulls are in the same conference and can't face each other in the final but that still leaves the Red Sox vs the Cubs (over 100 years since they played each other in the World Series, though it did look like it was going to happen in 2003); the Patriots and Bears played each other in the 1986 Super Bowl and now finally the Bruins and Blackhawks.
So it seems fitting to share here CBC's montage regarding the storied histories of these two franchises leading up to this historic series:

To the game:  As I'm writing during the second intermission, I would say Chicago has overall carried the play, having in my eyes anyway more puck possession in the Bruins' end, plus the fact the Bruins have had no power plays and the Hawks have had three, two of those overlapping where the Bruins killed off over a minute and a half of five on three.  When the Bruins got up 2-0 on a goal that Crawford probably should've had, the Bruins had things going their way; but the goal by Saad gave life back to Chicago and it's been tight ever since.
Given that the Bruins have had the lead for most of the game, I think it's important they come away with the win in this one.  Tuukka has been outstanding and the two Bruins goals were scored by Milan Lucic.  That line has continued to be very hot.
On Boston's first power play which occurs well into the 3rd period, Patrice Bergeron scores on a one-timer to put the Bs up 3-1.  Shortlived as young Torie Krug makes a mistake on a cross-ice pass and Chicago made him pay for his mistake.  So two minutes of rest for yours truly and back to a one-goal lead with 12 to play. Chicago's had all of the momentum since that goal and why did the Jets ever let one of my favorite grinders go? (as Johnny Oduja scores to tie it with 7:46 to go.  Bad luck for the Bruins? as it appeared that shot was not quite on goal but hits the skate of Dennis Seidenberg who was not facing the shot). Not looking good for the boys as the over 22k in the Madhouse on Madison are revving up the Blackhawks.
So we've gone, in my opinion, to having Crawford's confidence on the ropes two different times to a tie game.
I've gotta see this again but with a little over three minutes remaining in OT Paille is taken down on a break-away and not only is there not a penalty shot, there's no penalty called.  On first two blushes it sure looks like he was dumped.  Is it a hook if the defender from behind uses the butt-end of his stick to haul down the guy on the breakaway?  Luckily for yours truly I only have a twenty-mile commute tomorrow as we're off to overtime.  I'll publish now and then hopefully be awake to wrap it up at the end.
The Bruins have carried the play in OT, with a big advantage in shots and scoring opportunities, including an open net on a rebound that was kept out by Dave Bollin.  And the Bruins are down a man as Horton is hurt and not on the word yet why, though I limped off during that melee.  Still tied with 3 minutes to go in the first OT.  Even two "A+ chances" from Shawn Thornton don't score and we're off to another OT period.
Well, we're at the halfway point of the second OT and the Bruins look tired, playing without an injured Nathan Horton.  But it's after midnight and I do need to sleep some.  So fill in your own ending, if it ever comes.  I'm going to shut down, turn on the sleep timer on the TV for a half hour and hope for a Bruin win.  The winner of this game gets a huge boost.

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I'm glad you're doing the write ups. It's been too busy at work for me to watch the games lately. Don't know what's up with that.