Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Stanley Cup Finals game 4

I would argue that despite the fact the Bruins are up 2-1 in the series, game 4 tonight is as important to them as it is to Chicago.  If Chicago wins, they've tied the series up and go back to Chicago with momentum and home ice advantage, a best of three series with two games in their barn.  And did I say momentum?  Proving that, in fact, the Bruins did not have them figured out and their seeming domination was not that at all.
Obviously if the Bruins win tonight, they're one win away from the Stanley Cup and likely will have continued to frustrate the Blackhawks, get in their heads some more and maybe even make them quit a little.  I think these teams are pretty evenly matched but Chicago hasn't shown up completely.  I'm sure from the Bruins' standpoint, they'd like to keep it that way and make Chicago think Boston has their number and it happenin' this year.
It's 1-1 as we start the 2nd period and I think I'll sit back and watch the game.  Just wanted to share the above thoughts and the great video.  If there's something truly worth adding to this, I will but likely will just leave it like it is.
Well, two worthy updates:  Five goals scored in the second period against the two best defensive teams in the league, Chicago leading 4-3 at the end of 2; but twice the Bruins were down by 2 and scored 1 to get back to within 1; and then a hellacious flurry at the very end with two great chances by the Bruins, the last with about 10 seconds to go when somehow Kelly hit the post standing in front of a open net.  You'd have to see it to believe he hit the post.  That could well be HUGE.
Well, Patrice Bergeron, who has been incredibly clutch throughout these playoffs, ties the score early in the 3rd period.  Here we go again, hockey fans.
Oh my god, what a hockey game.  I hope you're watching this.  Milan Lucic made a horrible play during a 4-on-4.  He has the puck with two Bruin defenders in his end and one Blackhawk.  He makes a backward pass that's intercepted by that Blackhawk and he has to hook him to keep him from being alone on Rask.  In the resulting 5-on-3 Sharp scores to put the Hawks up by one.   But less than a minute later Boychuk ties it up again.  Six minutes to go at this point, tied five each.
Well, starting another OT in this series, 3 out of 4 so far.
Halfway through the first OT period with the Bruins largely carrying the play, Brent Seabrook gets one through Rask on a screen.   We'll see what happens after this.  Series tied 2-2.

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Brent said...

The Hawks had the Bruins runnin and gunnin tonight. Not exactly how the Bruins like to play.