Monday, June 17, 2013

2013 Stanley Cup Finals Games 2 & 3

I didn't watch but five minutes of game 2.  I was spending time with my sweetie and hanging with me while I watch a championship game that my team is involved in is not going to be relaxing for anyone.  Having blown a two-goal lead to lose game 1 in triple OT made me nervous about game 2, and Tuukka Rask is the reason the Bruins weren't blown out early in that game.  They turned the tables and beat the Blackhawks in just one overtime period..
Thus far tonight (just starting the 3rd period) the Bruins have carried the play by a relatively wide margin.  Rask has hardly been challenged and the warm ice likely kept the Bruins off the score sheet a couple of times in the first period, and that obviously made me nervous.  Many times this season I'd seen the Bruins control play, be unable to score and somehow lose a close one..  But in this one they've managed to score a couple, the first by Paille, he of the game 2 OT winner, with assists from his new line mates Seguin and Kelly; and the second a powerplay goal (finally) by Patrice Bergeron.
Five minutes into the 3rd it is still 2-0 Bruins.  The Blackhawks are putting a little more pressure on the Bruins by pinching in their D more than previous, which is likely going to result in at least one more goal being scored in this game, by who will likely determine the outcome.
Another big moment in this game occurs at the 8 minute mark with Chicago going on the powerplay.    The Bruins, as they have done throughout this series so far, completely shut down Chicago's powerplay, resulting in yet another shotless PP.
Chicago had a good opportunity on an odd-man rush but Patrick Kane shot the puck wide.  Now with six minutes to go the Bruins go back on the powerplay with a two-goal lead.  Then near the end of this PP Krecji hooks Saad on what could have been called a penalty shot (though at least once in the first period a Bruin was hooked down in like fashion without even a penalty called.  So with four minutes remaining Chicago goes back on the powerplay.  This will put the Bruins' defense and stamina to the test as the Hawks have been pushing in desperation and also, with a two-goal deficit, even if they score, Chicago will pull the goalie shortly after this PP ends.
The Bruins kill another powerplay and, as predicted, Crawford is pulled just 15 seconds after that with a face-off in the Bruin zone.  After a very frenetic 60 seconds and one post a melee ensues in the Bruin zone with 10 seconds remaining.  Bickle, who hit the post, trying to wrestle with Chara, and Marchand, of course, with Sharp.  With offsetting penalties and the face-off being outside the zone, looks like the Bruins can at least breath half a sigh.  Well, Chicago still had one decent shot but Rask was equal to the task (been waiting to say that) and give him another shutout in this playoff run.
Final score 2-0.  My three stars -- Paille, Rask and Bergeron.


Michael said...

This has been the best final in recent memory, with some very very good hockey. We've seen five games worth and they've only played three.

Also, this:

Brent said...

This has been a great series so far. The series could be 2-1 Chicago, so the Bruins need to continue to play hard.