Sunday, June 15, 2014

How are you spending this Father's Day

First off, this doesn't have to be a sports related post and your comments don't have to be sports related.  I'd truly like to know how you're spending this Father's Day.  Secondly, you don't even have to be a dad to comment.
My daughters have moved on to lives of their own.  One is married with two young children and will be spending this Father's Day with her husband, the father of her children.  My youngest daughter just moved to Dayton, Ohio within the last week, taking the big leap on her life's journey.  I did get two wonderful phone calls today.
So my adopted son, Todd above, are going to be spending this Father's Day watching some sports, of course.  There is plenty to watch on this particular Father's Day but there could have been even more to watch had the Stanley Cup Finals gone more than five games.  If we had three games out of five go to overtime, with the Kings winning it all in 2OT in game 5, imagine how much fun games 6 or 7 might have been?
But today is still the U.S. Open golf tournament, which I always enjoy watching, although I'd enjoy it much more if Lefty were actually in contention.  Mixed in with watching that I will be watching the Nascar race from Michigan, where the #43 is starting 4th?  I'd take a Petty blue car in victory lane for a Father's day gift...that would be awesome.  Then every four years the World Cup happens.  So I'll be keeping an eye on that a little today since the U.S. isn't playing until tomorrow.  Too bad a good U.S. team is in the Group of Death but, hey, if you want to be the best, what better way to start than beating a couple of the best.
The Red Sox, who have been playing better of late during their roller coaster, less than good season, will be playing this afternoon.  Very few things are better on Father's Day than watching the Sox.  Then tonight is game 6 of the NBA Finals with the Spurs leading 3 games to 1.  I will peek in on that a little tonight.
I hope you all have a great Father's Day, enjoying it in whatever way you like best.


The Huntress said...

I'm going to visit my father across town, and if I can get him to tune into the game maybe we can watch the Spurs win a title tonight. It would be perfect for him since he's from San Antonio.

Shel said...

Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being a Dad to my children! You are the BEST!

Zebster said...

I forgot to mention that one of my fondest Father's Days was when I got to take my daughters to Fenway Park for the very first time on Father's Day.
Thanks for the comments and enjoy your dads on this great day.