Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Living on the border I have the chance to catch most any team I want in Seattle. This past week my family;(jake dasnake, my wife May, my daughter Taral, and my son in law Mark) took in Jeter's farewell tour. Three of us are rabid Yankee fans, and Mark is a rabid Oakland fan, but despite his shortcomings we love him anyway. The games were the picture perfect version of fans support, every at-bat Jeter had was given a rousing ovation, and with Suzuki playing the support was even more so. The games were good and the right team won all three games.
There is a lot of Yankee support on the west coast and a lot of it coming from Canada. The media was there as they seem to be following him like puppy dogs to every stadium to pick up any little nugget he may drop.  I don't mind these farewell tours as the players who receive them are quite worthy, and I think that staying on the same team for close to 20 years has gained them this right of passage. Chipper and Mariano are two of the latest over the last few years.
The new Safeco Field is a lot different from the old Kingdome.  Back then you could catch a player getting out of his cab and catch an autograph.  That is what happened 20 years ago when Jeter was in his first season.   I caught him coming from his cab and got him to sign a bat I was putting together of Yankees.  That wasn't going to happen this time, not by a long shot, but the fun I had watching the other people going after him made my day.
There are a few things I remember from a lot of games and this series did not change that, outstanding fielding by both teams and the roof closing.  If you never remember anything from a game I tell you the sight of umpteen tons of steel moving slowly along a track over your head, you will remember that. All in all good weather, good camping, and good gamesmanship this was quite an enjoyable time.


Zebster said...

Can't believe I clicked "like" on a Yankee post on BoSox Tavern. LOL Good job, Jake, and nice family.
Anytime you go to a game, we expect to hear about it here. And we would love to see a pic and more of the story regarding your Yankee bat. (did I just say that?)

dasnake said...

Geez zeb, yur testing me on this photo placement aren't u.

Brent said...

I love the shortcomings line. Also seeing the farewell tour of Jeter would be a great thing. Glad you got to go.

Also it is nice to see the Anti-Red Sox team be represented here once in a while. Great post.

The Huntress said...

The shortcomings line is hilarious. I've been called the same thing regarding my Oakland Raiders a few times!

Glad you got to see Jeter one last time.